Darwin Escorts - 4 of the Steamiest Movie Sex Scenes of 2018
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Darwin Escorts – 4 of the Steamiest Movie Sex Scenes of 2018

Darwin Escorts

Darwin Escorts

Everyone loves a good sex scene, and I bet that includes you! And since we’ve invested in the lives of our TV or movie faves, we certainly want to see them get it on too. And of course, a “really good” sex scene is basically porn, which is convenient now that we can no longer count on Tumblr for adult content! The good thing was that 2018 was a banner year for high-quality on-screen coitus. Here’s a peek at a few of steamiest and most sizzling movie sex scenes of 2018.

A Star is Born

Who’d ever thought that you’d see a movie sex scene featuring someone named Lady Gaga? Well, the good thing is that Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga had great chemistry as Jackson and Ally Maine in the movie A Star is Born! Check out this flick with your girlfriend, or your fave Darwin Escorts now!

And, there’s no scene more electric than when the two characters are in the bathtub, where Ally applies makeup, and electrical tape eyebrows, to Jack’s face! This harkens back to one of the first things he said to her at the bar where they met: ‘Are those your real eyebrows?”


In the movie Widows, Viola Davis and Liam Neeson don’t have a sex scene, but they do passionately make out in bed, which Davis has cited as important representation. The opening shot in this movie where you have a dark-skinned woman with a big nose and wide lips and all of that and her natural hair kissing – romantically kissing a white man on screen!

Mary Queen of Scots

In this move, Lord Danley (Jack Lowden) goes down on Mary (Saoirse Ronan) and it’s very steamy! We love a powerful woman getting what she wants. However, things don’t go so well for their sex life after, so you might want to stop at that scene!

The Favorite

In this movie, queen Anne (Olivia Colman) and Lady Sarah (Rachel Weisz) are the best of friends, royal co-workers and secret lovers, which we discover at the same time as Abigail (Emma Stone) in an intimate scene at the palace library! Make sure you check out this steamy scene with your girlfriend, or with your favourite Darwin Escorts, if only to make your viewing more pleasurable!

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