Darwin Escorts - 4 Of the Craziest Sex Stats for 2018
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Darwin Escorts – 4 Of the Craziest Sex Stats for 2018

Darwin Escorts

Darwin Escorts

Looking for the latest, and the craziest sex stats and facts for 2018? Look no further, as SKYN Condoms and AMP Agency, a digital marketing and advertising agency, recently conducted the “Mother of all Sex Surveys”, which analysed the responses of 5,117 men and women aged 18 to 34 from across all 51 states in the US, to identify sexual behaviours, attitudes and perceptions of millennials and other generation groups. Take a look at a few of the craziest sex stats the survey dug up.

Millennials Are One-Nighters
If you love dating the lovely and sexy Darwin Escorts, I guess you share the same habit as the Millennials too, as the guys and girls of this generation are certified one-nighters! The study reveals that 61% of millennials have had a one-night stand!

And of the 61%, around 31% have had one or two night stands, while 16% have had 3 to 5 one night stand. Around 70% of millennial males also report having had a one night stand, as compared to just 53% of millennial females!

Condom Users Have Fewer Sexual Partners
Too bad SKYN condoms included condom usage in their survey, as they found out that today’s condom users report having fewer sexual partners than non-users, which is a bit alarming if you ask me!
Around 61% of condom users report having five partners or less compared to 48% of non-users. In addition, only 15% of condom users report having 15 partners or more, as compared to 22% of non-condom users!

The Older You Get, The Less You Bother With Condoms
And here’s more depressing stuff about condom use – the SKYN Condoms survey notes that the older you get the less you bother with condoms, as 59% of 18 to 24 year olds use condoms, compared to just 44% of men aged 30 to 34 years old!

However, what’s good is that today’s millennials, and other age groups, are more likely to use lube. In fact, 44% of young adults in their twenties use lube, along with 47% of men and women in their mid-thirties. I guess your favourite hookup buddies, which include the hot and sexy Darwin Escorts, love using their fave lube brands too!

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