Darwin Escorts – 4 More Types of Sex, From the Best to the Worst
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Darwin Escorts – 4 More Types of Sex, From the Best to the Worst

Darwin Escorts

Darwin Escorts

According to one popular saying, “Thinking sex is all the same like sitting down and ordering beer”.  Well, yes that could be true, because sex is indeed a smorgasbord, or a buffet, of variety, and it draws upon all matters of circumstance, levels of passion, times of day, tiers of sobriety, and intensity of relationships. And just like beer, not all sex is created equal! Here’s a no-nonsense look at four more types of sex, from the best to the worst.

Two of The Best Types of Sex

Looking to enjoy the best sex of your life, whether it’s with a hookup buddy, or with the hot and sexy Darwin Escorts? Well, for starters, one of the best types of sex is (drum roll please)….. cheating sex!

But hey, we all know that cheating is bad, and that people do it for a variety of reasons, one of which is the fact that sex is absurdly hot.  And of course, there’s a reason why words like “taboo”, “naughty” and “wrong” trigger blood flow down south, as we generally like what is bad for us! And as some folks say, cheating is like the chocolate chip pancake in your low-carb diet!

Another wonderful type of sex is hotel sex, perhaps because it’s the robes are so soft, and the mattress is heavenly, not to mention spacious too. And, I guess it’s because within minutes of finishing a tray of sandwiches, or drinking a glass or two of wine, the ensuing sex becomes just so amazing!

Two of the Baddest Types of Sex

While there are different types of bad sex, let’s first focus on two types – sex on the beach and buzzed sex. While sex on the beach may look so amazing in the movies, beach sex is a fantasy that should  ever be repeated in real life, because the realities of beach sex are essentially sand, which gets everywhere, and there are potential interruptions from a myriad of sea creatures, and pervy beachgoers!

And with buzzed sex, sex on drugs and other substances often gets sloppy, and often yields disappointment too, depending on the amount or level of the chosen substance that’s sniffed or taken!

I guess it would be better to stay sober, and stay in a comfy hotel room too, so that you’ll have a more fun, and less-stressful time with ladies like the hot and sexy Darwin Escorts!

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