Darwin Escorts - 4 More Summer Sex Fantasies That Are on Every Man's Bucket List
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Darwin Escorts – 4 More Summer Sex Fantasies That Are on Every Man’s Bucket List

Darwin Escorts

Darwin Escorts

If you think that sex fantasies are not seasonal, well you are dead wrong – because they are! And when it comes to having sex in seasons like the summer, there’s just something about the hotter temperatures and sweltering weather, and the concept of everyone’s thighs chafing!  Here’s another peek at a few more summer sex fantasies that are most likely on every dudes’ bucket list.

Having Sex at Night, Even If the Sun’s Still Out

What’s your most unforgettable summer erotic experience, whether it’s with your girlfriend, or with your favourite Darwin Escorts? If you can’t remember, well I guess you’d certainly like to try having sex at night, even if the sun’s still out!

But, where can you have sex at night and the sun is still out? Well, you could go to places like Alaska, where in the summer it’s virtually non-stop sunlight! But is it worth the ticket cost to actually get to shag at night in Alaska? Well, that’s your call!

Shagging While Staring Directly at the Sun

This could be the ultimate summer sex journey my friend, although it feel a bit scorching staring right into the sun while porking and feeling your retinas burn!  But, before trying this, please remember to wear proper sun protection, just because it’s a fantasy does not mean you should do it!

Beach House Sex

Sharing a beach house with friends and family for the weekend sure feels fun. But what if you’re there with your lady, and you all have the beach house to yourselves? Now isn’t that double the fun!

Sex in the Same Sleeping Bag

While most people have already tried having sex in cramped tents, nothing’s more cramped, yet exciting, than having sex in the same sleeping bag! And while expert campers will scoff and say that cramming two people in a sleeping bag is just silly, who among us hasn’t fantasized about stealthily zipping into a sleeping bag with a hookup buddy, or with our favourite Darwin Escorts!

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