Darwin Escorts – 4 Different Types of Attraction You'll Experience in a Lifetime
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Darwin Escorts – 4 Different Types of Attraction You’ll Experience in a Lifetime

Darwin Escorts

Darwin Escorts

If you’re one of those who believes there’s only one type of attraction, you might be surprised to find that’s not the case. For instance, the attraction you feel towards the gorgeous ladies at Darwin Escorts is different from the attraction you may feel for a close friend. It may feel weird when you find yourself drawn to someone but not in a sexual way.

To help clear up that confusion, here are some examples of the different types of attraction, according to the experts.

1. Platonic. When you’re attracted to someone who sees you only as a friend, or you see them only as a friend, then that falls under platonic attraction, something that’s based on love and friendship.

You may think this kind of situation is bad since there’s possible unrequited love to deal with. But in many cases, it’s better to have such a relationship with someone than to not know them at all. Yes, it’s possible to be platonically attracted to any gender.

2. Romantic. This is the basis of the desire to have a romantic relationship with a specific person, and usually the type of attraction that’s the focus of romantic comedies. There may be some sexual attraction, but that’s not the sole basis. When you see someone and want to spend your spare time with them, whether you’re just cuddling together and watching a film, or going for a walk.

If you’re already in a healthy relationship, then you’re experiencing this kind of attraction.
3. Sensual. This is a step lower than sexual attraction. It’s still physical, but it’s based more on sensual touch – caresses, hugs, massage, and so on. If you’ve ever sat close to someone and instantly been soothed by their touch, or you simply desire physical contact with them, you’re feeling this kind of attraction.

4. Aesthetic. We all have celebrity crushes, not to mention find certain people seriously hot – but we don’t always think about fucking them. When the attraction is based on how someone looks, it’s most likely aesthetic attraction. You appreciate their beauty, no questions asked. Over time, this kind of attraction may develop into any of the above.

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