Darwin Escorts – 3 Ways Your Brain Could be Sabotaging Your Sex Life
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Darwin Escorts – 3 Ways Your Brain Could be Sabotaging Your Sex Life

Darwin Escorts

Darwin Escorts

For some people (Or even a lot of folks), sometimes it feels like the whole world is conspiring to make sure that their sex life never ever lives up to their expectations. And if you happen to count yourself to be among the genitally challenged, would it make you feel a little better if I told you that the only person standing between you and the best sex of your life, is your brain? Here’s a look at 3 ways your brain could be sabotaging your sex life.

Your Brain Makes You Objectify Women
Even if you’re not a male chauvinist, nor have you ever demeaned women in your life, sometimes the truth is that your brain automatically makes you objectify women. But then again, I guess you don’t see the hot and sexy Darwin Escorts as plain objects, but as a truly lovely and enchanting set of individuals!

To put it simply, the human brain processes women as groups of objects rather than as people. See, when your brain picks up a new image, there are two ways it reacts – One is to use “global” processing, where the brain lumps details together into a single idea, and the second is to use “local” processing, where the brain sees a bunch of individual parts.

We’re Naturally Jealous & Insecure (But it Helps Us to Survive)
Sometimes a person’s attitudes toward the other individual in their relationship can be grouped in two ways – Some people have a secure attachment to their partner where they feel safe and have a lot of trust for each other. Others on the other hand, have an insecure attachment, which means that they leave 50 text messages during 3 hours, and the last 15 messages are all sobbing in jealousy! Well, science says that humans are naturally born to be insecure and jealous, because it helps them survive the harsh realities of life!

Your Brain Tricks You Into Assuming That Your Female Friends Want to Have Sex With You
According to one recent study, men and women can’t seem to ever be friends simply because they define the word “platonic” in quite different ways. The study involved asking two members of the same friendship about the benefits of the relationship, and the likelihood of two people getting into a friends-with-benefits situation.

The study found that men were consistently much more sexually attracted to their female friends than vice versa, and more importantly the men also projected their sexual attraction onto their female friends! But then again, I don’t see your brain tricking you into having sex with the wrong lady, because it’s already been hard-wired to please ladies as hot and sexy as the Darwin Escorts!

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