Darwin Escorts – 3 Ways to Tell if It's Love or Lust
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Darwin Escorts – 3 Ways to Tell if It’s Love or Lust

Darwin Escorts

Darwin Escorts

Attraction is one of the things people base a relationship on. After all, if you’re not physically attracted to someone, you’re less likely to give them a second glance. That’s why the gorgeous vixens at Darwin Escorts make sure to look their best for their appointments. You can’t always pretend to be attracted to her if she doesn’t.

However, relationships that last a lifetime depend on something different, besides physical attraction. It can lead to bedroom fun, but things will get boring if that’s the only thing you and your partner enjoy doing together. You need to be sure you actually like, if not love that person. So how can you tell if you’re in lust or in love?

1. Appearance. When you’re in lust, you want to look good every time you go out. This is because you know your chances of ending up in bed together will go up if you do so.

When you’re in love, you won’t really care how you look, because sex isn’t your end goal; instead, you just want to be able to spend time with the person. So you usually end up wearing whatever you feel like wearing, and neither of you will bat an eye.

2. Friendship. When you love someone, you usually start out being friends, and that’s okay because it actually lessens the time you spend getting to know them. After all, you’ve likely seen each other’s bad sides, while you were still friends, and it didn’t faze either of you.

In a relationship that’s based on lust, you went from meeting that person, to talking a little, and straight to the bedroom. You barely got to know each other, so you have no idea how they’d react to something. For example, you wouldn’t know how to tell if she had a bad day at work, while she can’t tell if you’re feeling nervous about a performance review.

3. Intimacy. Essentially, you won’t mind baring your soul to someone you love. That means you’re not afraid to look vulnerable, and you think nothing of sharing a secret or two with her.

When you’re in lust, though, as what you might feel when you’re with one of the babes at Darwin Escorts, you might share a trivial secret, if at all. Deep down, you don’t really feel comfortable enough around her yet.

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