Darwin Escorts – 3 Ways Evolution Designed Our Body to be Adept at Having Sex
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Darwin Escorts – 3 Ways Evolution Designed Our Body to be Adept at Having Sex

Darwin Escorts

Darwin Escorts

If you think that you literally suck at sex, please stop sulking and blaming yourself, because the truth is that evolution has designed our body to be adept at having sex, even with or without our knowledge! And thanks to science, we are slowly figuring out why our bodies were not designed by a dysfunctional committee or a truly cruel prankster! Here’s a look at 3 ways evolution designed us to be real good at sex.

Masturbation Is a Cleverly-Disguised Sperm-Refresher Mechanism
Who says that jerking off was just invented by some sex-starved bloke up in the mountains, or down in the seedy streets of your town? Nope, you and every guy out there, as well as all the ladies out there, including the hot and sexy Darwin Escorts, don’t just jerk off because they feel hot and horny, but because masturbation is actually a cleverly-disguised sperm-refresher mechanism!

And while all animals masturbate, human beings are the only species observed who do it all the way, and with such impressive frequency, although on the onset it may just seem to look like we’re wasting all that precious sperm!.

The Human Penis Is a Scooper For Rival Semen
According to one truly controversial theory, the shape of a guy’s penis is an evolutionary mechanism for displacing any rival semen that might have found its way into a female’s vagina while she was out shopping” with a friend!

That cute little mushroom-shaped cap on top of the penis which is called the glans has also been determined to allow a thrusting male to plug a vagina and scoop out any unfamiliar instant-baby batter before it reaches the cervix, with its plunger-type action!

We Might Have Become Monogamous To Avoid STDs
Who says that some humans become monogamous by choice? Historically, our forefathers never practiced monogamy, as the ancient males were so busy knocking up as many females as possible!

However, sex researchers say that it may have been a simple as avoiding sexually-transmitted diseases! According to Canadian and German researchers, in advanced agricultural societies, where lots of people live in closer proximity, STD’s could spread rapidly enough to potentially wipe out entire groups. However, they found out that herpes, gonorrhea and other STD’s could be contained if mating was limited to two partners!

So, why sulk and say you suck in bed, when the truth is that you have all it takes to fully please ladies as hot and sexy as the Darwin Escorts!

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