Darwin Escorts – 3 Truly Drool-Worthy Sex Positions
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Darwin Escorts – 3 Truly Drool-Worthy Sex Positions

Darwin Escorts

Darwin Escorts

While science does not support the widely-held belief or misconception that the G-spot is some form of magical erotic push button, the truth is that a lot of women, and men too, have discovered that they really like getting rubbed an inch or so on the top wall of their vagina! So, how do you engage in G-spot worthy sex, and how do you experience drool-worthy sex too? Here are a couple of positions to consider.

Use the G-Force

If you and your girlfriend, or the hot and sexy Darwin Escorts, have been longing to experience drool-worthy orgasms for quite some time already, perhaps you should employ the power of the G-Force!

Harness the power of physics for optimal penile angling. Here, you sit, leaning back on your hands, while your lady sits on you, leaning back on her hands as well. Add a sex toy or the lady could hand-stimulate her clit and see how long it takes before she’s babbling incoherently!

The Pusher

To get a truly sublime angle happening, I’m not actually asking you to peddle drugs or some addictive substances (as the name of the sex position might suggest!). But instead, have your lady lie flat on her back with her legs pressed together or crossed at the angles. You straddle her, but you stay upright on your knees. And instead of thrusting away, you push into her with shallow thrusts that get you both to say “OMG”!

The Exploration

To do The Exploration, have your lady lie back in a comfy, basic pose and commence some sizzling clit moves. You slide a curved finger into her vagina and find a raised spot about two inches in.

She then keeps her clitoris stimulated, while you press, tap or stroke the spot with a “come hither” motion for a combined sensation that would be gloriously beyond measure! Now, which drool-worthy sex position would you be raring to try out first with your hookup mates, or with your preferred Darwin Escorts?

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