Darwin Escorts – 3 Things to Consider Before Trying to Attempt Shower Sex
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Darwin Escorts – 3 Things to Consider Before Trying to Attempt Shower Sex

Darwin Escorts

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If you think shower sex is just so cool and hot, because you’ve probably seen your favourite TV and movie stars do in on cable, or in the big screen, think again. Unless you live in a sprawling mansion, or in a really large suburban home where the showers are expansive, most homes today have showers that are just built for one person. Here are 3 things to consider before trying out shower sex.

Any Attempt to do Oral Sex Will End In Someone Drowning
If you plan to get down and dirty in a shower with your girlfriend, or with the hot and sizzling Darwin Escorts, remember that any attempt at oral sex could end you, or someone else, drowning! If you can find a way not to get a mouthful of water during shower oral, perhaps you could share it with everyone!

Why? Because during shower oral, one individual is going to be constantly under a stream of water, and one person is perhaps going to be freezing because they are standing outside a stream of cold water!

You’ll Feel Conscious About any Mildew Piling up in the Shower Corners
Well, everyone knows I guess that the shower is a private place where individuals usually go to be alone, and scrub all the dirt of their bodies. This goes to mean that showers are places where there’s mildew, and in your shower there will likely be lots of gooey and grungy stuff stuck to your shampoo bottles, as well as down the drains! Now, who would want to have sex in such a gooey place?

The Slippery Environment Will Make You Fear for Your Life
Let’s face it – there are only a few shower sex positions that won’t make you fear for your life. And yes, they still don’t make helmets or paddings for shower sex, but they should be. It’s a dangerous and wild world out there, and that includes the shower! So, before hopping into the shower with your hookup buddy, or with your preferred Darwin Escorts, think long and hard before you consider doing something sleazy there!

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