Darwin Escorts – 3 Things That Guys Can Learn From Lesbians About the Female Orgasm
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Darwin Escorts – 3 Things That Guys Can Learn From Lesbians About the Female Orgasm

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Darwin Escorts

If you ask ten guys what do they really know about the female orgasm, perhaps 7 out of ten will literally know nothing about it, except say that the girl’s just “cumming”! Well, these dumb guys could perhaps learn a thing or two from our lovely lesbian friends, because according to a recent study from Chapman University in the US, lesbians have more frequent orgasms than straight women! Here are 3 things that lesbians can teach guys about the female orgasm.

It Takes Time
If you think that it’s quite easy for your hookup partners, or your favourite Darwin Escorts, to orgasm, well you’re dead wrong. In fact women take time to orgasm, as researchers say that the duration of sex –starting the clock at foreplay – is one of the strongest predictors of orgasm for women, second only to receiving oral sex.

The researchers also pointed out that 74% of lesbian women reported having sex for 30 minutes or longer, during their last sexual encounters, but less than half of straight women met the half-hour mark. Thus, guys should aim for at least 30 minutes in bed, including foreplay!

Oral Sex is Key
According to lesbians (and sex experts too) oral sex is the most important predictor of whether or not a woman will orgasm. Lesbians are much less likely to focus on vaginal intercourse and rely on oral sex to get each other off. Oral sex also gives guys direct access to her clitoris, which is vital since most women need some kind of clitoral stimulation to achieve orgasm.

Pleasure is a Two-Way Street
When straight couples have sex, they often tend to follow the usual script – Intercourse happens, you orgasm, sex ends and you probably fall asleep! But with lesbian women, there will likely be a “turn-taking norm”, where one person orgasms and then the other person is brought to orgasm.

So, instead of hurling invectives or catcalls at our lesbian friends, why don’t you take their orgasm tips by heart, and apply it earnestly to your hookup partners, as well as to your favourite Darwin Escorts!

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