Darwin Escorts - 3 Things That a Lady Should Never Do After Sex
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Darwin Escorts – 3 Things That a Lady Should Never Do After Sex

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If you’ve already read of a number of magazine articles which list the stuff that guys should not do after sex, well in fairness to all genders, let’s do a list of what the ladies should not be doing after sex too! But before the ladies get mad at me for sounding a bit too sexist, the stuff listed below are actually serious advice which came from today’s best sex experts, especially when it comes to caring for their lady parts.

Lather Up her Lady Parts
Some women, and that may include your girlfriend as well as the hot and sexy Darwin Escorts, might feel the urge to soap down below after sex, but that’s really unnecessary. Health experts warn that ladies night have an allergic reaction if their post-sex skin reacts differently to the harsh chemicals in cleaners. Using soap can also lead to vaginal irritation and dryness. Thus, if the lady wants to take a post-sex shower, she should use plain old water to rinse it off!

Sleep in Sexy Lingerie
If you lady bed mate is wearing cotton lingerie, then perhaps it would be okay to sleep in it, because it’s breathable. However, nylon, rayon or polyester skivvies are a no-no, because after sex a woman’ skin tends to be warm and damp, due to perspiration, vaginal secretions and semen. And since the vagina likes to air out after sex, it would be better for your lady to go nude, or to stick to cotton down south after sex!

Hit a Hot Bath Tub After Sex
Most of us often get the urge to quickly soak up on a hot bath tub after sex. However, for women this activity is greatly discouraged, because when a woman’s vulva swells in response to sexual stimulation, it reveals the opening of the vagina, which means that they will have a greater chance of infection.

And if your girlfriend, hookup buddy, or your favourite Darwin Escorts, would like to hit the bath tub with your after a round or two of intense sex, they could be exposed to the bacteria that’s on your skin and anus. In addition, extensive water exposure also reduces the efficiency of her skin’s antimicrobial barrier too. So, instead of going to the bath tub, why don’t you encourage her to take a cold shower instead!

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