Darwin Escorts – 3 Plays To Sizzle Up The Eroticism
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Darwin Escorts – 3 Plays To Sizzle Up The Eroticism of Your Lewd Life


One should not dare to surrender themselves to the monotony of their sex lives. Sex should be done with authentic excitement and soul-licking urges. It shouldn’t be treated as something that’s based on a routine. It is the engagement of the flesh with the efforts of appeasing its inner most desires!

The expert courtesans that make up Darwin Escorts are skilful in delivering minuscule pleasures for the flesh. They take satisfaction seriously and know that it shouldn’t be undermined. As a matter of fact, theySexy Darwin Escorts it as something to be revealed. With that, are you ready to get rid of the dull inhibitions of your sex life? Make it more electrifying? Oh, heck yes!

1. The Fresh Licker

Feeling dual sensations during sex contributes greatly to the pleasures that you feel. Add the hot and cold sensation to your rendezvous by sipping warm mint tea. This makes your mouth hot. Whilst the heat is still there, go down on your partner and start licking her pussy. Initially, she will feel the heat of your lips but the residue of the menthol will cool down the area as you pull away.

Do this alternately, but remember to take in few sips at a time – just enough to heighten the mint effect. Your partner will experience a fresh approach to sex as the tingles of heat and coolness on her pussy will send her to a new and exciting level of ecstasy!

2. Overwhelming Buzzing

One way of adding the sizzle to your oral skills is by using other materials that can increase the stimulation of your partner. For this trick, use a vibrator and lean it against your cheek while it vibrates and lick on her clit. You don’t have to do this for the entire duration of your deed but you can alternate it. The added sensation will really drive her mad with ecstasy!

A note of caution: Before you try this, make sure that you can handle the extra buzz that the vibrator will be exerting. You don’t want to be turning her off with an epic fail attempt to add sizzle on your deed.

3. Erotic Restraint

You can’t help but be in each other’s arms when you’re having sex but why not spice things up a bit by tying yourself together? Let your creative juices flow along with your roughness and her delicateness. You can opt to use a sturdy plastic wrap or a blanket (as long as it’s long enough to wrap around your body to constriction). Just lock the make believe rope around your waists which will lock yourselves in place.

The whole limited movement will get you thinking of other ways to please each other. This increases the whole intimacy and makes you get really inventive – making your intercourse a more memorable experience!

Put these tricks to the test and do away with the boring routines of your sex life. Browse on the galleries of Darwin Escort for You and find the girl who will spice up the mediocrity towards a night of ecstasy!

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