Darwin Escorts – 3 Oral Sex Errors That Most Guys Are Guilty of Committing
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Darwin Escorts – 3 Oral Sex Errors That Most Guys Are Guilty of Committing

Darwin Escorts

Darwin Escorts

It’s no secret that all guys enjoy going down on their ladies, as it’s a fun thing to do (Although it’s not an easy feat). However, the truth is that many women today say that their guys are falling way short when it comes to performing oral sex. Here’s a sneak peek at a few of the most common errors that men commit when they perform oral sex.

Asking the Ladies to Sit on The Guy’s Face
Do any of your hookup partners, or even your preferred Darwin Escorts, like sitting on any guy’s face. Literally? According to a survey done online in the US, majority of the women polled didn’t enjoy sitting on their guy’s face!

Why? It’s because the ladies would be breaking their backs in the process, while they’re spoon-feeding their vaginas to you as you lay back and relax! So, if it’s your first time with the woman in bed, please try to help her be completely comfortable, instead of letting her do a cirque du soleil-style move that could break her bones!

Most ladies can forgive a little sloppiness when it comes to how you perform oral sex, and they might even encourage it, especially if you got them on the edge of their seats! However, if you show your appreciation for a woman’s vagina by simply jostling your face back and forth and fluttering your lips, then you’re never ever going to get any compliment from them!

Pointy Dagger Tongue
If you go down on her with a pointy dagger tongue, you are more likely to piss her off with your itchy, prodding dagger tongue. While there are times in sex when durability is entirely appropriate, oral sex is not one of them!

Thus, soften up and take it slow. You could also try a flatter, wider stroke like you are working with a broad paint brush. I’m going to guarantee that you will find what you’re looking for, and your girlfriend, or the lovely and alluring Darwin Escorts, will surely love what you’re doing to them too!

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