Darwin Escorts - 3 of the Easiest Sex Positions for Beginners
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Darwin Escorts – 3 of the Easiest Sex Positions for Beginners

Darwin Escorts

Darwin Escorts

Are you a “beginner” in bed? Well, don’t be ashamed if you are a neophyte when it comes to sex, because what’s good is that there are a lot of great sex positions for beginners. However, just because a sex position is considered easy  doesn’t mean that it is not pleasurable as well! Here’s a look at a few of the easiest sex positions for beginners.

Love Seat

The Love Seat is great for beginners. But then again, if you’re seasoned in bed already, who says you can’t do this with your hookup mates, or with your preferred Darwin Escorts? Here, you lie back, propping up your shoulders with a pillow, and spread your legs slightly. Your lady will then lower herself onto you, but her back will be to your face!


She then puts her feet between your legs on the floor or bed, and she takes her right hand and places it on your right hip bone, and her left hand on the bed next to your left hip bone! She uses her hands and feet to move her body up and down to her heart’s content!


Magic Mountain

Start your mystical journey to the magic mountain by first arranging a large pile of pillows on the floor. Your lady relaxes into the pile face-first, and follows its mountain shape so your back naturally arches. Just like a cat,  but less angry.


Next, you side up behind her so you are both facing the same direction. Use the same pillows for support, and ask your lady to open her legs further so you can enter her easily from behind. You, or your lady, can also use a free hand/bullet vibrator to reach around and stroke her clit!


Torrid Triangle

You might think that this is just the same routine missionary position, but it’s really not. The best thing about this missionary twist is that the ladies are in control. With the girls lying on the rug/chaise or sun lounger, the men get on all fours above her.


However, the ladies should not let the guys come down too low, because she’s going to raise her pelvis up to meet them! You could even try to make things a bit more fun, by using a vibrating cock ring, as this will effectively target your hookup mate, or lovely Darwin Escorts clit!

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