Darwin Escorts – 3 Myths About Sex That Many Therapists Often View As Gospel Truth
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Darwin Escorts – 3 Myths About Sex That Many Therapists Often View As Gospel Truth

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Darwin Escorts

What’s a  “therapist” and how helpful are they in solving the issues and concerns in your life?  A therapist is defined as “a special kind of doctor who works with a person/s if they have problems, or aren’t getting along”. Thus, if you and your partner are having problems in bed, then you call a sex therapist. However, a lot of sex therapists today remain glued to a lot of myths and misconceptions about sex, and so they give the wrong conclusions or findings. Here are 3 myths about sex that some therapists view as gospel truth.


Casual Sex Is Distasteful & Unhealthy

Many old-fashioned, or poorly-trained sex therapists often believe that casual sex, which they define as sex outside of a committed relationship, is bad, and very unhealthy. So, does this mean dating your favourite Darwin Escorts is a  whacked-up and ill-advised move?

It’s easy to understand why some therapists see things this way, because much of society views casual sex as something less meaningful, and totally cheap. This mindset either shows a serious lack of training, or a continuing approval of the same sexual biases, myths and misconceptions which abound in society today.


But for licensed and ethical therapists, their practise is based on current clinical information, and they are not allowed to engage in stigmatising assumptions, regardless of their religious or cultural beliefs.


Too Much Porn Can Lead To Divorce

If you hear your therapist tell you that watching too much porn can lead to a painful divorce, then perhaps your “therapist” may have gotten a lot of screwed, unverifiable facts from organisations like the Family Research Council or the so-called American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers, who all brought out “studies” and “surveys” which have never been independently verified or peer-reviewed.


While some therapists do see greater porn use in men who’ve just been into a divorce, they often mistake the effect (or the symptom), as the actual cause for the divorce!


Kink Is Weird, And Fringe Too

The academics and therapists in the 19th and early 20th centuries normally viewed sexually unusual behaviours such as kink or BDSM as ”abnormal” and unhealthy. However, the latest manual on psychological disorders, the DSM-5 now agrees that people can have unusual sexual fantasies or interests, and not be seen as weird, offbeat or dysfunctional.


So, have you already done some light, and sensually-pleasing kink with your favourite Darwin Escorts?

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