Darwin Escorts – 3 More Common Sex Injuries and How to Treat Them
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Darwin Escorts – 3 More Common Sex Injuries and How to Treat Them

Darwin Escorts

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I guess almost all of us agree that sex is a pretty wonderful thing, but that’s until issues arise. Yes, sex is nice and fun, but it can be downright dangerous too! And since sex injuries happen more often than you might think, here’s a look at a few more common sex injuries, and how to treat them.

Back Injuries

Before you start doing anything acrobatic in bed with your girlfriend, or with the hot and sizzling Darwin Escorts, remember that doing anything nasty can break your back, as well as your head!

If any of you suffer from back injuries after doing the Butter Churner or Reverse Cowgirl, put an ice pack on your lower back to relieve inflammation. Once the inflammation subsides, use a heating pad to soothe your aching muscles. Finally, pop an ibuprofen and rest for a couple of hours!

Food Irritation

Sure, strawberries and whipped cream may sound so sexy in the bedroom, but in most cases food is not a sexy friend. For example, one woman was carried to the emergency room in the US after she suffered from mild burns in her genital region.

Now what caused the mild burns in her private part? Well, her partner performed cunnilingus on her immediately after feasting on some hot and spicy food! Now that is so OMG!

Carpet Burns

If you don’t just stick to the mattress, and go at it on the floor, switching up where you have sex can cause painful carpet burns due to the friction! If the skin is broken, like there’s a physical cut as opposed to just irritated redness, clean it up with antiseptic and apply antibacterial cream before putting a bandage on top of it.

But then again if you just can’t resist the lure of shagging down on the carpet, put a soft throw down on the surface, like place some of you back-up blankets there, so you and your girlfriend, or the hot and sexy Darwin Escorts would steer clear from any carpet burns!


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