Darwin Escorts – 3 Cool Ways on How to Let Your Lady Get Real Good Oral Sex
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Darwin Escorts – 3 Cool Ways on How to Let Your Lady Get Real Good Oral Sex

Darwin Escorts

Darwin Escorts

Most men, if not all of them, consider oral sex as a must-do activity. Well, while the women are twice as likely to go down on their partners, they are half as likely to receive pleasure when the favour is returned. Now isn’t that an obvious example of the oral sex gap? Here are a couple of cool and potent ways on how to give your lady the best oral sex she deserves.

Variety is Key
Ask any lady out there, including the hot and sexy Darwin Escorts, if they crave for oral sex, and I guess most of them will say yes. But according to a fairly recent Esquire poll, 10% of women said they did not like receiving oral sex at all, while a whopping 41% of ladies said that it would be nice to receive oral sex once in a while!

So, if you’d love going down on her, make it a point to always keep her guessing, by adding a dash of variety to your oral routines! For example, since different strokes work better on different days, find out if she likes certain oral moves or tongue movements, and come back to it repeatedly with pauses in between. It would also help if you avoid over-stimulating a specific cluster of nerves below!

Try the Praying Position
For those who feel quite nervous about performing oral sex on their ladies, they should perhaps try the “Praying Position”! Well, the ladies can easily demonstrate this to their guys, by placing her hands as though she’s praying, with her thumbs as the clitoris, and the space between the two index fingers as the introitus, and she drops them down to where her vulva is so the guy can see it!

Take Things Slow
Once you make it to her clitoris and vagina, gently lick around it. And since direct stimulation can be too intense for some ladies, try exploring the surrounding area first, and ask her where she likes to be touched.

You also don’t need to be rough with your mouth, unless she wants it, and it would be best to start off slow, unless she specifically requests otherwise. While some women like it when you roughly use your tongue or mouth, please only do so if your girlfriend, or the lovely Darwin Escorts ask for it!

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