Darwin Escorts – 2 Fun Reasons Why Baring it All Isn't Just For True-Blue Nudists
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Darwin Escorts – 2 Fun Reasons Why Baring it All Isn’t Just For True-Blue Nudists

Darwin Escorts

Darwin Escorts

Have you ever wondered why the number of nudist resorts and cruises is fast rising, and reality TV shows like Dating Naked (Which is on its 3rd season on VH1), is getting its fair share of viewers too? Well, I guess it’s because more people realize that baring it all isn’t just for seasoned nudists anymore! Here’s a peek at a couple of reasons why baring it all has its perks too.

Nudity is the Great Equaliser
Have you ever been to a nudist camp? Or have your friends, including your favourite Darwin Escorts, have ever bared it all in the beach or in the woods? According to Shaun Galanos, a sex educator and host of The Love Drive, and ambassador or Hedonism II (Which is the granddaddy of nudist resorts), nudity is “the great equalizer”!

Shaun adds that “insecurities, fear and doubt are a few things that can inhibit connection when dating, and dropping your drawers on a date can be a great way to drop your defenses, show your true self and experience intimacy and vulnerability that you normally wouldn’t access too quickly”.

He also adds that parading your stretch marks, blemishes, errant hairs, flab and folds for the world to see feels understandably terrifying at the onset, but after a while (and much acceptance from your fellow nudists) you leave your insecurities behind.

Going Naked Applies to More Than Being in the Buff
According to a top official of the American Association for Nude Recreation (AANR), nudism is a means for people to interact in a less pressured, more natural way. The official also adds that dating naked also allows for more immediate sexual assessment. And for older people who date, body acceptance and personal freedom become more important to relationships.

Another nudist colony manager asserts that nudity helps break down barriers we unknowingly put up with our clothes, because our clothing can sometimes make us prejudge a person. Dating in a clothes-free world, the manager further adds, helps people skip past those awkward initial moments when you discover who your partner really is and not who they are trying to portray using clothes as props!

If you’re planning the next holiday itinerary, perhaps you could consider the benefits of hitting nudist resorts or cruises, and bring along your girlfriend or lovely Darwin Escorts too!

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