A Low-down On The Safety And Efficacy Of Sex-Enhancement Drugs
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A Low-down On The Safety And Efficacy Of Sex-Enhancement Drugs

Darwin EscortsFor guys aged 45 and above, perhaps the next most worrisome medical condition after hypertension and cancer would be – erectile dysfunction. Good thing there are lots of sex-enhancement drugs sold  today, some of which have been proven effective, while others are not. Problem is, even teens and young adults are using them, for recreational purposes. Here’s a look at the safety and efficacy of today’s popular sex-enhancement drugs.

The Sex-Enhancement Industry Is A Lax, Free-Wheeling Environment

Before you buy any of those pills or supplements, and use them to rev-up the sexual intensity with your partner, or with hot and lovely Darwin Escorts, read this first.

In an editorial published in JAMA, an assistant professor of medicine at the famous Harvard Medical School in the US, along with a colleague, collected a lot of shocking, but, lesser-known facts and figures about the sex-enhancement industry. It is said to rake in billions of dollars in profits annually.

Noted was that the industry itself is hardly regulated by government. Many product-makers have been chided for promoting false claims, too. For example, a product dubbed as “Rock Hard For Men” in 2012 was discovered to contain fake Cialis (tadalafil), along with an ingredient that was found in diabetes drugs! Reportedly, a similar drug killed more than a dozen men in Asia.

In Singapore, more than three-quarters of sex-enhancement products tested were found to contain ingredients that were not disclosed. In fact, half of the undisclosed ingredients were higher than the recommended doses.

Another study conducted in the Netherlands showed that 75% of those type of products sold contained at least one chemical variant which had the same effect as Viagra. This means that many companies are already trying to imitate the famous Viagra. What’s bad is, these imitations are not even tested on humans or even animals.

How Should The Sex-Enhancement Industry Be Regulated?

According to health experts and industry observers, one way to fight the illegal drug trade would be to make it easier for consumers to get the legal drugs. Meaning, physicians should be more generous in prescribing them, given that the risks of using unknown drugs or doses is far much greater.

Health experts also advise those who want to use sex-enhancing drugs to first consult with their doctor before taking them. The safest way to buy medications is through a registered pharmacy, and with a prescription.

But, if you don’t have problems with erectile dysfunction or early ejaculation, then relax and enjoy your sex life. If you want to elevate things further, why not check out the galleries of Darwin Escorts? Discover the hottest and loveliest women in your part of town.


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