5 Role Play Scenarios You can Do with Darwin Escorts
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5 Role Play Scenarios You can Do with Darwin Escorts

Role playing is one of the fortes of many Darwin escorts. Unlike many sex games, role playing can be easy and exciting depending on what scenarios that you choose. You can dress up or dress down and be as imaginative as you can be. Though it might feel uncomfortable at first but after consecutive sessions, it would be more pleasurable and stimulating for both parties.

This is a great way to explore your sexuality with a woman that is as enthusiastic as you are in bed. So if you are looking for good scenarios for your role playing game, here are some ideas that you can pick up with your lady love:

  • A real estate agent/ Client. This starts off with the man dressed up in a fine suit with a suitcase waiting for a hot client that he met a few days ago, interested in viewing and purchasing a new house. The fine lady would preferably be in a tight white top and pencil skirt (no panties). As the man shows his client around the house, the hot and raunchy client flirts and sends sexual messages on how it would be to have sex in every room of the house. You can make up the story as you go along but remember to seal the deal afterwards.

  • Photographer/ Model. You are the artistic lingerie model tasked to capture the most sexiest photos of a supermodel. One good thing about this scenario is that it brings out the confidence in a woman to be sexy and it opens up a new world of naughtiness to your girl. As you move on through the scenes, you tell your model to be naughty in her poses and work on the proper emotions in which she gets carried away. Make good snaps of her using a camera in which you can view afterwards.

  • Fitness Instructor/ Client. If you are looking for a more physical role play scenario this is for you. The man poses as the hard working physical instructor attending to his last client to whom he finds attractive in her skimpy yoga shorts and tight shirt. You work your way in teasing and massaging her calves for the work out or manipulating her limbs and engaging in physical contact.

  • Teacher/ Student. Perhaps one of the most popular scenarios around is the teacher/ student. One thing that sets this scenario apart from the others is the act of domination and interchangeable roles that both you and your partner can do. You can play the part of a stubborn student waiting for a spanking from your hot disciplinarian or vice versa. You can be as creative as you can be as you move on through the scenes.
  • Cops/ Robbers. Like number 4, domination is emphasized in this scenario. You can be the robber who unfortunately (fortunately) breaks into a hot cop’s home. She handcuffs and blindfolds you to a bed, whisper naughty acts on how she would punish you. A hot foreplay with a hot finish.

One good thing about role playing is that there is nothing wrong with every move you make. You can be as creative as you can with the roles and scenarios that you get into. You can prolong your foreplay or get it going in an instant. To make it more pleasurable, you can be with Darwin escorts for a more intimate experience. Start looking for the perfect girl in the gallery now!

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