5 Fun & Surprising Facts About Masturbation, As Taken From The History Books
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5 Fun & Surprising Facts About Masturbation, As Taken From The History Books

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Masturbation – perhaps everyone does it today. But wait, have ever you ever thought about the history of masturbation – how jerking-off actually began? Well, one popular US sex toy maker has actually compiled a couple of weird, yet truly interesting and eye-opening facts, about masturbation, straight from the history books, and not from your favourite porn magazine.

The Kama Sutra Offered Instructions As Early As 400 BC

Have you ever breezed through the pages of the famous Indian sex book, the Kama Sutra? Perhaps you and your girlfriend, or lovely Darwin Escorts, could check out the sleazy and enticing details it offers!

The Kama Sutra actually has a couple of texts that seem like the perfect guide for masturbation to the ancients. The book has texts which say “Churn your instrument with a lion’s pounce; sit with legs stretched out at right angles to one another, propping yourself up with two hands planted on the ground between in them, and it between your arms”.

The Ancient Jews Had A Shameful View Of Masturbating

In ancient Israel, Jews had a shameful view of masturbation, because of the story of Onan, who married his widowed sister in-law, as part of tradition. However, the story goes on to say that Onan “wasted his seed on the ground, rather than impregnate her”. Thus, “Onanism” later became a famous term for jerking off!

Jerking Off Became An Art Form In The Victorian Era

In the stiff, puritanical Victorian era, many books, and even plays, mentioned the art of masturbation a lot of times. For example, in Shakespeare’s play “A Winter’s Tale” there’s a  line which goes like this – “He hath no songs for man or woman, of all sizes, no milliner can so fit his customers with gloves; he has the prettiest love songs for maids; so without bawdry, which is strange, with such delicate burthens of dildos and fadings.”

A Connecticut Law In 1656 Gave The Death Penalty To Masturbation

In 1656, a law in the city of New Haven, Connecticut warned that those found guilty of masturbating could be meted out the death penalty. Well, that’s not only the strangest of sex laws to ever make it into the books in the United States of America!

The Oldest Surviving Porn Flick Showed Lots Of Masturbation

One of the oldest surviving porn films, “El Sartorio” which is believed to have come from Argentina, in 1907, had a scene where three women bathe in a river, then take turns pleasuring each other, until the devil shows up has sex with all of them!

Perhaps you should try giving yourself, and your partner, or even your lovely Darwin Escorts, a brief, yet steamy, overview of the history of sex!

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