4 Tips To Make Your Sexual Bond Last For Long
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4 Tips To Make Your Sexual Bond Last For Long

Darwin EscortsWant to keep your sexual relationship forever? Yes you can, if both you and your partner take efforts in improving your respective performances, whether in bed or otherwise! According to Darwin Escorts, there are 101 ways for a super red hot foreplay.

Experts agree on one thing – heightened pleasure from foreplay is the one that keeps the entire lovemaking experience more exciting. Here are 5 tips that will surely create magic on your sex life:

1. Experience Variety
One thing that can easily wear your urges out is doing the same act repetitively. It doesn’t have to be the same time each day, or night; nor always at the same place each time. Variety is the name of the game.

Also, try not to think of sex always thus, occasionally just be intimate with your lover, using both your verbal and non-verbal abilities. Try discovering new foreplay acts as well as sex positions, and enjoy them as a couple.

2. Shower Together
If you’ve been bathing separately for the longest time, it’s about time to shower together. Under the flow, you can do all the naughtiest yet, the most pleasurable stimulations to each other.

Just don’t mind what’s happening in the outside world. Leave the phone or the doorbell ringing. Let no one intrude the passion that’s starting to build up under the stream. Just savour the moment, exploring each other’s bodies.

3. When Giving More Means A Lot
If it’s you who’s always been receiving a lot, this time, try to be selfless. Give more of yourself, your abilities and skills, and think of your partner’s satisfaction. They say that one little selfless act will go a long way in keeping the sensual flames burning in your relationship.

4. An Intimate Shared Meal Goes a Long Way
Don’t underestimate the power of a simple yet intimate dinner shared together. Let your lover take part in preparing the dish like simply washing and slicing the veggies, fruits, and the like. Make it a candlelit dinner in your flat, complete with a bottle of wine at the end.

You’ll be amazed your partner will look forward to experience this with you, more so when there are important occasions to celebrate together. It certainly would add spice to your routine every day life.

Once in a while, forget about actual sex. Instead, think about your lady’s fulfilment even without vaginal penetration. You’ll be surprised that Darwin Escorts will just give back more than what you have invested to keep your connection stronger.

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