3 More Reasons Why Vacation Sex Is So Amazing
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3 More Reasons Why Vacation Sex Is So Amazing

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Who doesn’t love going on a vacation? Whether you’re soaking up the sun and sights on a beach, exploring a new city, or trekking new mountains, a time-out from your usual routine should be so darn good for the mind and body. However, there’s one more vacation health benefit that most travel guides don’t usually mention, and it’s – better sex! Yes, getting it on when you’re away from it all just feels so adventurous and exciting. So, here are a couple more reasons why vacation sex is just so amazing.

A New Environment is Exciting
Planning your next holiday? I guess if you’d like it to be more fun and exciting, you should tag along your favourite Darwin Escorts with you! According to sex and relationship experts, when it comes to amazing sex, it’s all about keeping things novel. And when we go on vacation, even if it’s to a place we’ve been before, our surroundings are different, the air is different, and bringing all of that novelty into our sexual experience can heighten things and make sex more exciting!

And when you’re on vacation, take full advantage of all the things your new surroundings has to offer, like an outdoor shower or a balcony shielded from public view. Getting sexy, and getting it on in new spaces should force you to get creative with sex positions!

You Dress to Impress
People, or most people, often tend to dress sexier on vacation. Hence, most folks don’t bring their old, comfy clothes on a trip. And while appearances aren’t everything, it might be extra turned on when you see your partner looking her best during your holiday, whether she’s wearing a new, skimpy bikini or tank top!

You’re Feeling Adventurous
Travelling to a new destination automatically comes with a sense of adventure. Why? Because you’re seeing new things, eating new foods, hearing new languages, etc. Thus, don’t be surprised if your newfound desire to explore carries over into the bedroom, because it’s the right opportunity to tell your partner that you’ve been wanting to try something new in bed, and now’s the perfect time to do it!

So, capitalize on this newness and excitement, and bring sex toys that you’ve been wanting to try on a trip, as well as bring your favourite Darwin Escorts with you too!

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