3 Common Reasons a Relationship Gets Derailed
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3 Common Reasons a Relationship Gets Derailed

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Have you ever wondered why stories of couples who were each other’s first love and never stopped loving each other are so popular, and why people aspire to be like such couples? Such stories are rare – perhaps rarer than truly well-trained and experienced Darwin escorts.

Unfortunately, it’s practically a given that relationships will often fail, so much so that people prepare for the worst even when they’ve just entered a new one. Couples often learn the hard way that they’re on the highway to a failed relationship. It doesn’t have to be that way, though. Here are a few common reasons relationships fail, and what you can do to fix the damage.

1. There’s an imbalance of power. One partner could be too sacrificing, giving up their own desires to make the other happy. If this happens, the other partner may start ignoring the sacrificing partner’s needs. Or one partner is too dominating, leading to the other to sneak around or lie to avoid facing the domineering partner’s wrath.

When such an imbalance shows itself, it’s important to nip things in the bud before the submissive partner reaches the end of their rope. If you find yourself in this situation, you’ll want to talk to your partner and ask if she feels like she’s being used, or else is being ignored. Encourage her to be honest – and do your best not to flare up.

2. You lack time. You love each other, that’s true, but you barely see each other, let alone hear from each other. Without sparing a few minutes for your partner, you’ll start to feel neglected, a feeling that will start to wear your relationship down.
Set aside time for each other so your relationship can keep going. You can set aside time for a short phone call every other day, or you can make it a point to text each other throughout the day.

3. There’s little to no positive support from outside. You’re in a relationship with your partner, not their friends and family. It’s safe to assume that when you have bigger disagreements that end in you turning to your respective support groups, she’s going to run to her loved ones and talk about said disagreements.

If her friends and family don’t support your relationship, they’re more liable to advise her to break up with you and, sadly, she’ll be more likely to listen while she’s vulnerable. You can’t ‘fix’ her friends and family, but you can try and make sure that when you do have arguments, you can reconcile without having to consult someone else.

While these are just a few of the common reasons relationships don’t work out, knowing how to spot these three and how to counter them can already give you a better chance at a lasting relationship. Of course, if you’re not yet ready, there’s nothing wrong with hiring one of the Darwin escorts you find online to help you experience a relationship with no strings attached.

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