3 Big Signs You're Dating a Drama Queen and Need to Drop Her as Soon as Possible
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3 Big Signs You’re Dating a Drama Queen Drop her ASAP

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Few people look for drama when they get into a relationship; unless they feed off attention, no matter what kind of attention it is, drama isn’t their cup of tea. Unfortunately, relationships aren’t as simple as hiring Darwin Independent Escorts or getting Elite Escorts London when you need a companion for any reason. You look for someone you feel is potential dating material, then you have to coax her into going steady with you, eventually.

Now picture this: you’ve been going steady with a certain girl who is sweet, charming, and generally everything you want in a girlfriend. Only recently, she’s been more and more demanding, and you’re slowly finding it less endearing and more annoying. If you haven’t found yourself in this situation, then you’re lucky. If you already have, then you know what’s happening. You’re dating a drama queen.

No one deserves to be treated like a slave, and no one is worth being a slave to – so for you to keep an eye out and avoid landing yourself in that situation, here are signs that lovely girl is really a drama queen.

1. All her reactions are emotional. Somehow, she can’t take a step back for a few minutes to look at any situation from a rational perspective – and she doesn’t understand why she would do that in the first place. All she’s concerned with is getting what she wants or needs, so she acts and reacts based on her emotions.

2. She’s never pleased with anything. It doesn’t matter what lengths you went through to get that reservation at that upscale restaurant – there’s a better restaurant around the corner and you could’ve gone there instead. Or maybe you decided to pull out all the stops for Valentines and got her a big box of chocolate, and her first reaction is to ask why you didn’t go for the luxury chocolates.

In short, nothing you do is good enough for her; she wants to see how far she can push you to get something that’s bigger, better, or more expensive.

3. You feel like you’re on an emotional rollercoaster. While roller coasters are fun, an emotional one is more of a nightmare that you can’t get out of. With all the ups and downs you’ve been through with your girl, you can’t remember even half of them. You can more or less predict when the next ‘up’ will come, though, and how long you have before you’re on the way down again.

While it’s admirable if you’ve adapted to the situation, it’s also worrying because healthy relationships always have a stable part in between the rocky ones.

The sad part is, drama queens aren’t about to commit to a relationship; they only get into one for the perks. So, unless you like drama, it’s best you break things off with your drama queen girl and look for someone else. Even relying on Darwin Escorts in the meantime is fine, so long as you’re not the slave to anyone’s queen.

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