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Darwin Escorts – The Things That Guys Should Avoid Doing When Getting a Blowjob

Men like getting their manhood kissed, teased, sucked and licked. That’s why they love women who have already mastered the art of giving a blowjob! And like giving a blowjob, there’s also an art to receiving blowjobs, without making your woman furious. Here’s quick peek at a few of the things that guys should avoid […]

Darwin Escorts – 4 of the Steamiest Movie Sex Scenes of 2018

Everyone loves a good sex scene, and I bet that includes you! And since we’ve invested in the lives of our TV or movie faves, we certainly want to see them get it on too. And of course, a “really good” sex scene is basically porn, which is convenient now that we can no longer […]

Darwin Escorts – 4 Penis Problems That the Guys Should Not Disregard

Are you well-acquainted with your penis? Yes, are you really acquainted with your most favourite body part, or not? While in most cases your dick would  probably be normal, there are a few seemingly common health conditions that could be a cause for concern. So, if you experience any of the ailments or symptoms listed […]

Darwin Escorts – 3 Ways to Treat Erectile Dysfunction That Are Not Viagra

What’s a guy’s most favourite part? Well, it’s their dick! But, what if your favourite part hasn’t been exactly cooperative in the bedroom lately? Chances are you’re probably thinking of trying out medicines like Viagra, Cialis or Levitra, which are used for treating erectile dysfunction (ED)! And hey, that’s not necessarily a bad idea, because […]

Darwin Escorts – 3 of the Hottest Sex Positions for Ladies

Believe it or not but not all sex positions were invented with a woman, or a vagina-having person in mind. However, the good thing is that there are a number of sex positions which effectively stimulate every, and all parts, of the vulva, from clitoris-rubbing positions to deep penetration that puts pressure on the G-spot. […]

Darwin Escorts – 3 of the Easiest Sex Positions for Beginners

Are you a “beginner” in bed? Well, don’t be ashamed if you are a neophyte when it comes to sex, because what’s good is that there are a lot of great sex positions for beginners. However, just because a sex position is considered easy  doesn’t mean that it is not pleasurable as well! Here’s a […]

Darwin Escorts – Three Straightforward Tips for Great First-Time Sex with A New Partner

Have you ever watched a film and then marveled at how incredible a certain couple’s first time appeared to be? The good news is, such an impossible feat isn’t real – even if you’re with one of the gorgeous ladies from Darwin Escorts. When you sleep with someone new for the first time, there’s no […]

Darwin Escorts – 4 Secrets Blokes with Small Cocks Can Use for Better Sex

When it comes to sex, blokes worry about several things – including cock size. For some reason, the prevailing belief is that a smaller penis means the sex won’t be that great. But that’s a misconception, several people, including some of the sexy vixens at Darwin Escorts, put forth. The truth is, men with bigger […]

How Does Pelvic Fracture Contribute To Sexual Dysfunction?

Have you experienced a bad fall or been in a vehicular accident in the past? You might have incurred fracture in the pelvis but are just keeping the pain to yourself? Experts say that men who have encountered such unfortunate incidents should see their doctors because the experience might start sexual difficulties. How can you […]

Darwin Escorts – A Much Better Way To Dispose Of Condoms (Not Into The Toilet Bowl)

After an exhilarating round of sex, you automatically roll off your hook-up partner then roll out of bed. Finding no trash bin around, you head to the bathroom then flush the condom down the toilet. And you think that was the right thing to do? Nope, that wasn’t. Sure, the sleazy lady from Darwin Escorts […]

Darwin Escorts – Top 3 Insecurities Of Most Women In Sex

In life, you can’t do away with insecurities involving careers, finances, jobs, relationships and so on. Even your own bedroom can become a source of anxiety. Sexual hang-ups are real despite the fact that sex is one of the most effective stress busters. To a lot of women, stress is a major source of insecurity. […]

Why Women Of All Ages Should Use Lubes

Was there ever a time when you refused to have sex with your boyfriend because you were tired or perhaps, feeling some kind of pain below the belt? Whatever the reason, there will always be moments when you feel dry down below and intercourse might be the last thing on your mind. This is where […]

4 Clear Signs She’s Only In It For Attention, Not You

There’s no other way to say it – love can be a pain, and there are many reasons why. This could lead some men to rely on Darwin escorts or some other similar service for the affection they crave – but what if you’re not too keen on that idea just yet? It’s likely you’d […]

Darwin Escorts – 4 More Types of Sex, From the Best to the Worst

According to one popular saying, “Thinking sex is all the same like sitting down and ordering beer”.  Well, yes that could be true, because sex is indeed a smorgasbord, or a buffet, of variety, and it draws upon all matters of circumstance, levels of passion, times of day, tiers of sobriety, and intensity of relationships. […]

Darwin Escorts – Clear Signs You’re in a Happy Relationship

Let’s face it – people need love to feel better and live happier lives. Most of the time, you’re fine with the love you get from friends and family. But what about a lover? A good relationship, sadly, can’t be found or even bought, like you would pay for an enjoyable night out with one […]

Darwin Escorts – Some Known Facts & Myths Regarding Too Tight Vaginas

It’s a known reality that plenty of women have this notion of vaginal tightness and looseness. But, maybe not the seasoned Darwin Escorts. Yet, experts say this attitude is laden with mythology! Without saying, what most people believe could be one or all of these below: 1. Virgin vaginas are meant to be too tight. […]

3 Common Reasons a Relationship Gets Derailed

Have you ever wondered why stories of couples who were each other’s first love and never stopped loving each other are so popular, and why people aspire to be like such couples? Such stories are rare – perhaps rarer than truly well-trained and experienced Darwin escorts. Unfortunately, it’s practically a given that relationships will often […]

Darwin Escorts – Guidelines for Planning a Memorable Date

Just so everyone’s on the same page, remember that the perfect date doesn’t exist. People have their own ideas of how their perfect date would go. The actual thing may come close, but will rarely match the person’s vision exactly. For example, a date with one of the gorgeous babes at Darwin Escorts would certainly […]

Darwin Escorts – 4 More Summer Sex Fantasies That Are on Every Man’s Bucket List

If you think that sex fantasies are not seasonal, well you are dead wrong – because they are! And when it comes to having sex in seasons like the summer, there’s just something about the hotter temperatures and sweltering weather, and the concept of everyone’s thighs chafing!  Here’s another peek at a few more summer […]

Darwin Escorts – 3 Truly Drool-Worthy Sex Positions

While science does not support the widely-held belief or misconception that the G-spot is some form of magical erotic push button, the truth is that a lot of women, and men too, have discovered that they really like getting rubbed an inch or so on the top wall of their vagina! So, how do you […]

Darwin Escorts – Millennials Have a Serious Dilemma When Picking Between Sex and Food, New Study Says

If you were made to choose between sex and food, which item would you choose first? Well, I guess most of the men would choose sex, while majority of the ladies would pick food first! However, a recent study notes that a lot of people today (Mostly millennials) are divided on just that topic, because […]

Darwin Escorts – 3 “Good” Reasons to Hold Off on Having Sex That Got Nothing to Do With Tradition

What guy or girl would ever go on a self-imposed “sex drought’ when we all know how fun, exciting and uplifting sex could be! Believe it or not but, there are actually a million reasons why a person chooses not to have sex, which have absolutely nothing to do with upholding the tradition of abstaining […]

Darwin Escorts –Two More Gym Moves That Are Beneficial to Your Sex Life

If you think that hitting the gym is only good for burning excess calories, and for sculpting your muscles and abs, think again. Don’t you know that hitting the gym regularly could also do wonders for your sex life? Yes, not only does working out keep you young and feel generally wonderful, but it also […]

Darwin Escorts – Women are 32% More Likely to Orgasm When They Have Sex with Women, New Report Reveals

For guys, the way most of them think about the female orgasm is perhaps likely to change, after they read this article! Why? Because according to a new study, women are way more likely to orgasm when they sleep with other women, rather than with men! However, this is no reason for the guys to […]

Darwin Escorts – 3 More Yoga Poses That Are Guaranteed to Electrify Your Sex Life

Yoga is a group of physical, mental and spiritual practices or disciplines that originated in ancient India. And although there is a wide variety of yoga schools, practices and goals, what linger sin the minds of most people is that the various yoga poses and techniques help increase hip flexibility, strengthen pelvic floor muscles, enhance […]

Darwin Escorts – More Jaw-dropping Facts About Jelqing

Of the many topics about the penis, perhaps one of the most intriguing, or the most mystifying, is one called “Jelqing”. Why? Because this practice promises that you will “add” inches to your penis through a very specific technique that is not doctor-approved, and for many men definitely not safe, especially if you are not […]

Darwin Escorts – Frequent Sexual Activity is Linked with Improved Memory, New Study Reveals

I guess most of us know the many health and wellness perks of sex. Yes, sex can help with all sorts of things, from improving sleep to enhancing your mood. But what if I told you that getting it on can also help you remember stuff quickly? Read on to find out more why frequent […]

Darwin Escorts – Three Clear Signs She Wants to Get Down and Dirty with You

You’ve been with several women before, so you think it’s easy to see whether or not a girl wants you in bed. The truth is, you could be getting ahead of yourself; it actually isn’t as easy as you think it is. There are women, like the buxom courtesans at Darwin Escorts, who are very […]

Darwin Escorts – 3 More Common Sex Injuries and How to Treat Them

I guess almost all of us agree that sex is a pretty wonderful thing, but that’s until issues arise. Yes, sex is nice and fun, but it can be downright dangerous too! And since sex injuries happen more often than you might think, here’s a look at a few more common sex injuries, and how […]

Darwin Escorts – Tongue Tricks You Need in the Bedroom

There are a number of blokes who are proud of their bedroom skills. After all, it takes a lot of work to please a babe. You could be in a long-term relationship, or you could be with one of the gorgeous babes featured in the pages of Darwin Escorts, you still need to do your […]

Darwin Escorts – 5 More Films That Are Fully About Sex, and Nothing Else

When talking about sex scenes and nudity in modern cinema, there are films that feature “unsimulated” sex scenes, and there are movies that have an abundance of male and female nudity. However, there’s another special category of film, and it’s about movies about doing it! Here’s a look at a couple more movies that are […]

Darwin Escorts – 4 Things That Matter More to Women Than Penis Size

There are a lot of things that the women don’t understand about men. For starters, men often fuss and care so much about how big, small or medium their penis is, when the truth is that the ladies don’t give that much of a f_ck about it! Here’s a look at a couple of things […]

Darwin Escorts – Two G-Spot Sex Positions That Are Right on Target

Most guys think they really know where the “G-spot” is, but the truth is that they really don’t have an idea where it’s exactly located! Poor G-spot, it’s just hanging out trying to do its thing, to help the ladies have awesome orgasms, and yet every once in a while people end up disputing its […]

Darwin Escorts – You Should Make 45 Minutes of Sex Your Goal, Experts Assert

What’s the usual time frame for having sex? Well, for most dudes out there, sex begins when they stick it in, and once they come, they roll over to selfishly enjoy the bliss that is a post-orgasm slumber! But according to a 2005 study that surveyed 500 heterosexual couples, they found out that the average […]

Darwin Escorts – Two More Illnesses That are Triggered by Sex

Are you feeling a little bit blue? Or is your head killing you, especially after you just had sex? I guess you could not imagine having to turn down your partner’s erotic advances, just because having sex with her could actually make you sick! Yes, according to health experts, sometimes sex can trigger piercing headaches, […]

Darwin Escorts – Helpful Hints on How to do Threesomes the Right Way

Just like sinking a basketball free throw from the half-court line, or doing a hole-in-one, or bumping into Reese Witherspoon, threesomes do happen! In fact, according to a recent poll conducted by Men’s Health magazine, 20% of people report having engaged in threesomes at least once in their lifetime. But then again, unless you’re a […]

Darwin Escorts – Simple Secrets for Sizzling Sex

No matter the weather outside, there are a few simple things you can do to turn up the heat in the bedroom, or wherever you happen to be doing the deed. In fact, say the lovely courtesans at Darwin Escorts, there are a few acts that will get your partner going every time. 1. Take […]

Darwin Escorts – 3 Oral Sex Errors That Most Guys Are Guilty of Committing

It’s no secret that all guys enjoy going down on their ladies, as it’s a fun thing to do (Although it’s not an easy feat). However, the truth is that many women today say that their guys are falling way short when it comes to performing oral sex. Here’s a sneak peek at a few […]

Darwin Escorts – 4 Different Types of Attraction You’ll Experience in a Lifetime

If you’re one of those who believes there’s only one type of attraction, you might be surprised to find that’s not the case. For instance, the attraction you feel towards the gorgeous ladies at Darwin Escorts is different from the attraction you may feel for a close friend. It may feel weird when you find […]

Darwin Escorts – 3 Ways Your Brain Could be Sabotaging Your Sex Life

For some people (Or even a lot of folks), sometimes it feels like the whole world is conspiring to make sure that their sex life never ever lives up to their expectations. And if you happen to count yourself to be among the genitally challenged, would it make you feel a little better if I […]

Darwin Escorts – 3 Ways Evolution Designed Our Body to be Adept at Having Sex

If you think that you literally suck at sex, please stop sulking and blaming yourself, because the truth is that evolution has designed our body to be adept at having sex, even with or without our knowledge! And thanks to science, we are slowly figuring out why our bodies were not designed by a dysfunctional […]

Darwin Escorts – Fluid, Free-flowing Facts About “Sexual Fluidity”

No matter how “fixed” you may think your own sexual orientations are, sex experts and psychologists suggest that most women (and men too) are sexually fluid to some extent, even if it’s still unexplored! The experts define sexual fluidity simply as “situation-dependent flexibility in a person’s (mostly women) sexual responsiveness. Here are a couple more […]

Darwin Escorts – 3 Cool Ways on How to Let Your Lady Get Real Good Oral Sex

Most men, if not all of them, consider oral sex as a must-do activity. Well, while the women are twice as likely to go down on their partners, they are half as likely to receive pleasure when the favour is returned. Now isn’t that an obvious example of the oral sex gap? Here are a […]

Darwin Escorts – Hollywood Celebrities Who Unabashedly Talk About Sex

Yeah, we all know that sex sells. But in these times where sexual harassment accusations and lawsuits are the news of the day, no thanks to guys like Harvey Weinstein and the others, sometimes it’s quite hard to de-stigmatise sex and promote sexual confidence across the spectrum. But hey, thankfully here are a couple of […]

Darwin Escorts – Sex Positions That You Can Do Anywhere But the Bed

I don’t blame those who think that adventurous sex is a little overrated, because perhaps they feel that it’s too much to put in all this effort for a questionable outcome. However, there are still a lot of real good reasons to get outside your sex comfort zone (Read: the bedroom) every once in a […]

Darwin Escorts – 4 Of the Craziest Sex Stats for 2018

Looking for the latest, and the craziest sex stats and facts for 2018? Look no further, as SKYN Condoms and AMP Agency, a digital marketing and advertising agency, recently conducted the “Mother of all Sex Surveys”, which analysed the responses of 5,117 men and women aged 18 to 34 from across all 51 states in […]

Darwin Escorts – 4 Bedroom Moves That Most Women Beg Their Guys to Do

If you’re the type of guy who likes doing things fast in bed, like you’re the “wham-bam-thank you” type of dude, remember this: Sex can be bad, and possibly dangerous, if you and your partner haven’t warmed up properly! That’s why you need to engage in more foreplay with your lady, if only to make […]

Darwin Escorts – The Sex Positions That Make Both Men & Women Feel Most Anxious

We all know how amazing and exciting sex feels. However, the truth is that we all got our limits; Thus, there are stuff that we’re more than willing to do, and not willing to do, in bed! A newly-released survey also shows which sex positions most people are comfortable with, and which ones they aren’t. […]

Darwin Escorts – The Beginner’s Guide to Consensual, Casual Sex

Who’s to blame for today’s loosening sexual morals? I guess you could blame the hippies in the 60’s, because after the sexual revolution of the 1960’s, which came about due to changing social attitudes and technological advances like the invention of the oral contraceptive pill, attitudes towards premarital sex became looser. And you could probably […]

Darwin Escorts – The 3 Major Health & Wellness Perks of Morning Sex

What’s your usual morning routine? Do you lie in bed for an extra 15 minutes more before getting up? Do you quickly prepare a cup of coffee, or go for a quick walk? Perhaps it’s time you enjoy a different type of morning workout, like try having- sex! Here’s a quick yet interesting look at […]

Darwin Escorts – New Study Reveals the Real Reason Why Men Hate Wearing Condoms

We all know what condoms are, and why they’re being produced. Yes, these items help prevent unwanted pregnancies and protect us against most sexually-transmitted infections. However, a report from the Centre for Social Research in Australia has found out that less than half of the gay and bisexual men surveyed, and a reduced number of […]

What, No Orgasm? Find Out The Naked Truth

At your age (twenty-something), have you been with several men or women for that matter? If so, then you must have orgasmed a hundred times. But, what if you haven’t or if you miraculously did, was that only a single time as you remembered? Something must be wrong! If you want to know more about […]

Darwin Escorts – The Various Types of Orgasms

Regardless of whether you call it “cum”, “come”, “climax” or “bust”, an orgasm is still an orgasm. And as you may already know, orgasms or climaxes also come in various forms and intensities, with some so much easier to achieve than others. Here’s a brief yet exciting and informative look at the various types of […]

Darwin Escorts – Two-Thirds of Women Have Some Type of Sexual Dysfunction, Study Reveals

These are indeed tough times for all of us, especially on the financial front, as well as the medical front, as more people are falling prey to various diseases or afflictions. According to health experts at the Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit, Michigan, around 2/3 of women have some type of sexual dysfunction, and one […]

Darwin Escorts – The Smartest, and Coolest, Tent Sex Positions

If you’re just so fond of the great outdoors, so much that you already want to take what’s usually happening in the bedroom out there in the fields and forests, then be prepared to experience tent sex! Here’s brief yet fun look at the smartest, and coolest, positions for tent sex. Crouching Tigress If you […]

Darwin Escorts – The Best, and the Least Risky, Shower Sex Positions

A lot has already been said with regard to sex positions like shower sex. While others love it because they see their favourite movie or TV stars do it onscreen, the naysayers say that shower sex is just so overrated, and so unsafe too. However, supporters of shower sex say that there are a couple […]

Darwin Escorts – The Healthiest Sex Positions for Both Sexes

If there are sex positions that can kill you (Or break your bones), there are definitely sex positions that are good for your health! According to sex and relationship experts, there are a number of positions that are considered to double as exercise. And by exercising during sex, you work your core, and enhance your […]

Darwin Escorts – 3 Things to Consider Before Trying to Attempt Shower Sex

If you think shower sex is just so cool and hot, because you’ve probably seen your favourite TV and movie stars do in on cable, or in the big screen, think again. Unless you live in a sprawling mansion, or in a really large suburban home where the showers are expansive, most homes today have […]

The Coolest Places to Have Hotel Sex (Apart From Your Room)

Regardless of whether you’re at the Holiday Inn, Hilton, Best Western, The Intercontinental or any hotel out there, there’s just something extra special about having sex at a hotel. However, why just limit yourself to the confines of your own room, when you can do it elsewhere? Not sure which floor button to push? Here […]

Darwin Escorts – 2 Fun Reasons Why Baring it All Isn’t Just For True-Blue Nudists

Have you ever wondered why the number of nudist resorts and cruises is fast rising, and reality TV shows like Dating Naked (Which is on its 3rd season on VH1), is getting its fair share of viewers too? Well, I guess it’s because more people realize that baring it all isn’t just for seasoned nudists […]

Darwin Escorts – Helpful Hints on How to Pull Off the Erotic Accordion Sex Position

If you feel like your nights in bed are as dull, lifeless and rote as ever, perhaps all you and your partner need are a couple of challenging, yet innovative, sex positions to try out! Here’s one suggested sex position that should ring some lovely (and erotic) musical notes in your head, as it’s called […]

Darwin Escorts – Two Surprising Reasons Why Sex Can Increase Your Spirituality (Seriously)

Who ever said that the best way for finding God was through – sex? Well, weird as it may sound but according to newly-released and not-at-all stupid research from Duke University in the US, sex can actually increase your spirituality and make you feel closer to God! Read more to find out the study’s surprising […]

Why You’re Inclined To Whisper “I Love You” After Intercourse

Do you notice that after a highly fulfilling round of coupling, you instinctively whisper “I love you” to her ear? How you cherish those tender moments when you’re cuddling on the bed, biting on her earlobes and whispering some cutie-cutie private details? If the babe from Darwin Escorts is the one you’re snuggling with under […]

Darwin Escorts – 6 Things That Ladies Do Right Before Sex But Never Admit To

How nice it would be if spontaneous sex happened in real life like the way it did in the movies? While most of us would love to start ripping our clothes off in a moment of passion and get right into it without too much stress, the truth is that many of us have a […]

Darwin Escorts – Secrets to Bringing Sexual Chemistry into Your Relationship

While sexual chemistry sounds like it came from the pages of a novel, it’s actually very real. This means that it can be part of your relationship – that is, if you know how to build it. The gorgeous vixens featured in the pages of Darwin Escorts know how to do so for their clients. […]

Darwin Escorts – Ways to Tell She Likes You

No matter how many girls you’ve gone out with, what they do and how they act can still be confusing; many a bloke has confessed to not being able to figure out what a lovely lady was thinking. Even the buxom babes with Darwin Escorts won’t say everything that’s on their minds, unless it will […]

Darwin Escorts – The Grim Side Of Masturbation

Why do women and men masturbate? For pleasure of course, and you can indulge in a variety of ways to stimulate your own body to create euphoria. Some use it as foreplay, delighting in arousing each other’s bodies while others simply want the happiness all to their own. Further, there are also those who make […]

Darwin Escorts – 3 Things That a Lady Should Never Do After Sex

If you’ve already read of a number of magazine articles which list the stuff that guys should not do after sex, well in fairness to all genders, let’s do a list of what the ladies should not be doing after sex too! But before the ladies get mad at me for sounding a bit too […]

Darwin Escorts – Top Tips for Better First-Date Conversation

If you’ve been on dates before, you know that conversation is one of those factors that can make or break a date. After all, who wants to spend an hour with a boring conversationalist? The gorgeous babes at Darwin Escorts have mastered the art of conversation, so you’ll have no problems when you’re with one […]

Darwin Escorts – 4 Things About Sex That Guys Get Way Too Hyped About

Whether you like the idea or not, a lot of men today who are not solely focused on their orgasm think that they are a “feminist gift to all women”, and low-key these guys believe that they all deserve a pat on the back for every good sex deed they perform! Here’s a look at […]

Darwin Escorts – The First-Timer’s Guide to Anal Sex

Even with today’s more relaxed outlook on sex, as a whole, anal sex is somehow still taboo for many. Perhaps it’s sinful and forbidden nature is what tempts many young, inexperienced couples to try it, resulting in the girl accidentally getting hurt and thereby swearing off anal sex forever. The lovely babes at Darwin Escorts […]

Darwin Escorts – 3 Things That Guys Can Learn From Lesbians About the Female Orgasm

If you ask ten guys what do they really know about the female orgasm, perhaps 7 out of ten will literally know nothing about it, except say that the girl’s just “cumming”! Well, these dumb guys could perhaps learn a thing or two from our lovely lesbian friends, because according to a recent study from […]

Darwin Escorts – Reddit Survey Reveals What Women Hate Most About Guys in Bed

For centuries (or ever since the world began) men and women have always had trouble seeing eye to eye on various issues, ranging from the mundane to the extra-complex. Thus, in the interest of seriously bridging the gap between the two sexes, popular US social news aggregation, web content rating and discussion website Reddit asked […]

Darwin Escorts – Fast, Frisky Facts on What’s It Like to be “Demisexual”

If you think that everyone is into casual sex hookups today, think again. In fact, there are a number of people who prefer having an emotional connection with someone before a physical one, and these people identify themselves as “demisexual”! The guys and girls who identify as demisexual further explain that they need to feel […]

Darwin Escorts – Summer Road Sex: Send It Overdrive With These 5 Easy Steps

Summers are always looked forward to because it means doing all the enjoyable activities under the sun, and inside the car, too. This is the season to go on long exciting road trips, sing at the top of your voice with your gang or with your favourite play list, feed on crunchy junk food, and […]

Darwin Escorts – The Secret to Impressing Women

It can’t be helped that you’d have an idea about what women want – or you think you do. Whatever preconceived notions you may have had, they’re likely not up to date. Times are changing after all, caution the sexy courtesans at Darwin Escorts. Women these days are looking at more than the superficial things. […]

Darwin Escorts – There’s Some Art In BDSM

Are you and your partner into BDSM? After ’50 Shades of Grey’ you may not be aware but plenty of couples out there have come out in the open saying that they have been into the practise long before such controversial movie was shown. And alas – not just a few dominant males have voiced […]

Darwin Escorts – If You’re Trying to Get the Girl, Don’t Do Any of These

Men and women see things differently, so it’s no surprise that what may be romantic for you may actually be creepy for her. The lovely vixens at Darwin Escorts are trained to disregard such behaviour in favour of building the girlfriend experience properly. But what about those times you’re not with one of them? There’s […]

Darwin Escorts – Quick Guide for First-Time Clients

There will definitely be some people who aren’t very open to the idea of paying for companionship and – should it lead to it – sex, because it makes them somehow feel cheap. It’s a good thing then, the gorgeous vixens at Darwin Escorts say, that the views on the sex industry have been changing. […]

Darwin Escorts – Never A Dull Moment

They agreed to drive up to his place, and while cruising down the road, his stunning date from one of those yummy Darwin Escorts, started to slide her hand up and down his thigh. It was as if she couldn’t wait to get to his apartment and be fucked. They almost rammed into the next […]

Darwin Escorts – Top Benefits of Hiring an Escort

It’s true that there are quite a number of men turning to escort services, for any number of reasons – from being too busy to commit to a relationship, to wanting to experience being with a different partner. If you’re one of these, there’s no need to worry. Engaging any of the gorgeous vixens at […]

Top 3 Signs It’s Time to Break Up with Your Girlfriend

When you’ve been single for a while, and then you suddenly find yourself in a relationship with someone, it feels like the best thing in the world. You’re no longer so alone, you have someone to do fun stuff with. Maybe you’d even experiment in the bedroom the way you would with one of the […]

Darwin Escorts – Erotic Roleplay Ideas

When it comes to sexual experimentation, erotic role play is one of the hardest aspects, but it’s very fulfilling when you can pull it off. The sexy babes featured in the pages of Darwin Escorts are no strangers to experimentation in the bedroom, including role play. So if you’re short of ideas for your next […]

Darwin Escorts – The Hottest & Sleaziest Halloween Outfits For Ladies

It’s Halloween again, and it’s time for those scary sexy costume parties again! If you’re planning a rather private, and intimate costume party of sorts with your hookup partner or favourite escort girl, here are a couple of hot and sleazy outfits that you can ask her to wear, so that you’ll remember this Halloween […]

Darwin Escorts – If You Want To Get To The Real Paradise

A balmy weather greets tourists in Darwin, the most laid back city in Australia but, brace yourself to be be pampered by its wide-ranging food, colourful culture displayed during outdoor festivals, in waterfront restaurants, tropical park-lands and art precincts as well. People say this Northern Territory capital is an adventurer’s paradise, yet, it wouldn’t entirely […]

Darwin Escorts – 5 Important Things to Consider Before Engaging in Threesomes

Sexual fantasies aren’t something to be considered taboo, since they’re part of a normal sex life. So it’s not really surprising if you have one or two – or more. Both men and women have their own fantasies, and one of the more common ones is having a threesome. You could hire one of the […]

Darwin Escorts – 3 Main Differences Between Porn Stars and Escorts

There’s no question about keeping your porn habits secret, since certain recurring themes could be embarrassing to admit, let alone that you have a certain fetish. Of course, you should know that the babes with Darwin Escorts are different from the foxy ladies you see on the screen. Obviously both are sex workers, but you […]

Darwin Escorts – Top 4 Biggest Date Turn-Offs

It’s the middle of a date, and things are going well. Then suddenly the vivacious young lady becomes stone-faced and silent. You may have experienced that sort of moment yourself, save for when you’re with one of the lovely vixens from Darwin Escorts. When she goes from warm and bubbly to giving you the cold-shoulder […]

Darwin Escorts – 3 Ways to Tell if It’s Love or Lust

Attraction is one of the things people base a relationship on. After all, if you’re not physically attracted to someone, you’re less likely to give them a second glance. That’s why the gorgeous vixens at Darwin Escorts make sure to look their best for their appointments. You can’t always pretend to be attracted to her […]

Darwin Escorts – To Have Sex or Avoid it On the First Date?

When you have a date with a gorgeous lady to look forward to, you sometimes can’t help but think of taking things a little further. With the women featured in the pages of Darwin Escorts don’t mind sex on the first date, your other companions might. After all, why deny the urge if you’re that […]

Darwin Escorts – Pleasure on All Levels

There’s no denying that a number of men have been steadily turning to escort services, if they’re available – and for a number of reasons. Maybe they’re too busy to commit to a relationship, they want something other than what their partners can provide, and so on. The sexy ladies at Darwin Escorts know this, […]

Darwin Escorts Stories: The 1,000th Man

He was as I expected, a normal white-collared man. Aren’t they all? By now, I should have known. He was nothing special, both on looks and the physique department. He was charming, I’ll give him that, but a bit too reserved too. He looked like someone who hasn’t had sex in a long-time. He’s probably […]

5 Fun & Surprising Facts About Masturbation, As Taken From The History Books

Masturbation – perhaps everyone does it today. But wait, have ever you ever thought about the history of masturbation – how jerking-off actually began? Well, one popular US sex toy maker has actually compiled a couple of weird, yet truly interesting and eye-opening facts, about masturbation, straight from the history books, and not from your […]

Darwin Escorts – 3 Myths About Sex That Many Therapists Often View As Gospel Truth

What’s a  “therapist” and how helpful are they in solving the issues and concerns in your life?  A therapist is defined as “a special kind of doctor who works with a person/s if they have problems, or aren’t getting along”. Thus, if you and your partner are having problems in bed, then you call a […]

Darwin Escorts – The Best Things to Say to Your Woman In Bed

Aside from being visual, women are verbal creatures at heart. No wonder they find time to read erotica, get hooked on soaps and admire men with foreign accents. All of these make them feel the same way every time we spot a woman with huge tits. In sex, even the simplest of words can arouse […]

Darwin Escorts – Climate Change, And Its Negative Effects on Your Sex Life

If you think climate change and global warming are just causing sea levels to rise, or making storms more violent and deadly, wait till you hear what a new study says. According to a working paper released by the National Bureau of Economic Research, climate change is going to wreak havoc on your sex life […]

Darwin Escorts – The Simple Etiquette Guide

Many jobs have their own list of dos and don’ts; you might be surprised when reading some of them. The truth is, even escorts – like the gorgeous ladies at Darwin Escorts – have their own little ‘rules’, not to restrict their clients, but to make the experience better for both of you. Some of […]

Darwin Escorts – Sexting Tips To Prevent You From Sounding Like A Stalker

Thank God for smart phones. Not only could you easily surf the Worldwide Web and pay your bills, shop in the comfort of home, and do you research, but you could also easily get down and sleazy with practically everyone! And since we all want to have sex with any hot and sexy lady we […]

Darwin Escorts – The Do’s And Dont’s To Remember About Vacation Sex

Vacations are the perfect occasions to go places, see the sights, taste exotic cuisines, and have great sex. Whether you’re on a Caribbean cruise, on a trip to Paris, or a Safari in Kenya, there’ll always be a time when you and your partner will be all alone by your twosome. You could be in […]

A Low-down On The Safety And Efficacy Of Sex-Enhancement Drugs

For guys aged 45 and above, perhaps the next most worrisome medical condition after hypertension and cancer would be – erectile dysfunction. Good thing there are lots of sex-enhancement drugs sold  today, some of which have been proven effective, while others are not. Problem is, even teens and young adults are using them, for recreational […]

Darwin Escorts – Post-Sex Cuddling, And Its Wide Array Of Benefits

If you love hugging, kissing and fondling right after sex, be very happy. Why? Because there are a lot of health and wellness benefits to “spooning”, or “post-sex cuddling”.  According to a study published in the journal Archive of Sexual Behaviour, couples who cuddle right after sex felt happier and more satisfied with their sex […]

Darwin Escorts – Keep Her Wanting More with These 5 Sensual Moves

While it’s true that no two women are the same, there are some things that are guaranteed to boost her pleasure, and they’re usually pretty simple to do. The ladies over at Darwin Escorts share some tips that are guaranteed to please her every time. 1. Tease her with hot and cold. Maybe you already […]

4 Tips To Make Your Sexual Bond Last For Long

Want to keep your sexual relationship forever? Yes you can, if both you and your partner take efforts in improving your respective performances, whether in bed or otherwise! According to Darwin Escorts, there are 101 ways for a super red hot foreplay. Experts agree on one thing – heightened pleasure from foreplay is the one […]

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Startling & Sleazy Facts About The “Deep Throat” : Darwin Escorts

If you were an adult (or a teenager) in the early 1970s, perhaps you were fully aware of the buzz behind Linda Lovelace’s porn film titled “Deep Throat”. The film was the first ever X-rated flick to go mainstream, where it grossed $600 million, and enthralled (as well as infuriated) many. Since then, more men […]

Darwin Escorts Erotic Adventures: Kitchen Turns to Sex Den

I felt nervous as my apartment’s doorbell rang. I knew this was the damsel I’ve been waiting for. I open the door and to my surprise, she wasn’t just an ordinary lady. I was completely stunned seeing a bewitching angel standing at my door! Indeed, I never thought that a vixen from the Darwin Escorts […]

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Darwin Escorts and BDSM – 3 Exciting Toys To Play Around With

Today, couples have at least begun to explore BDSM and find ways to add a few elements of it to their love routine. If you want to play with this kind of kink but aren’t sure how to go about it, the ladies showcased in the pages of Darwin Escorts will be more than happy […]

Gorgeous Darwin Escorts TIPS: 3 WAYS to Please Women

Probably, there are lots of things buzzing in your head – career, job, business, etc. But what seems so confusing is why most men like you tend to be very secretive to this one desire they commonly have in their hearts – a desire to please women! (Sorry for the revelation.) Okay. I’m not here […]

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Darwin Escorts – 3 Plays To Sizzle Up The Eroticism of Your Lewd Life

  One should not dare to surrender themselves to the monotony of their sex lives. Sex should be done with authentic excitement and soul-licking urges. It shouldn’t be treated as something that’s based on a routine. It is the engagement of the flesh with the efforts of appeasing its inner most desires! The expert courtesans […]

Darwin Escorts – Delivering Intense Pleasures You Thought Were Impossible

Great pleasures can be achieved by anyone who will really set their mind to it. There’s a saying that goes; everything is impossible until it eventually happens. With that, the life you’re living right now, at some point in your past, used to be impossible but here it is now, unveiling before you. And so, […]

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