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Darwin Escorts – There’s Some Art In BDSM

Are you and your partner into BDSM? After ’50 Shades of Grey’ you may not be aware but plenty of couples out there have come out in the open saying that they have been into the practise long before such controversial movie was shown. And alas – not just a few dominant males have voiced […]

Darwin Escorts – If You’re Trying to Get the Girl, Don’t Do Any of These

Men and women see things differently, so it’s no surprise that what may be romantic for you may actually be creepy for her. The lovely vixens at Darwin Escorts are trained to disregard such behaviour in favour of building the girlfriend experience properly. But what about those times you’re not with one of them? There’s […]

Darwin Escorts – If You Want To Get To The Real Paradise

A balmy weather greets tourists in Darwin, the most laid back city in Australia but, brace yourself to be be pampered by its wide-ranging food, colourful culture displayed during outdoor festivals, in waterfront restaurants, tropical park-lands and art precincts as well. People say this Northern Territory capital is an adventurer’s paradise, yet, it wouldn’t entirely […]

Darwin Escorts Stories: The 1,000th Man

He was as I expected, a normal white-collared man. Aren’t they all? By now, I should have known. He was nothing special, both on looks and the physique department. He was charming, I’ll give him that, but a bit too reserved too. He looked like someone who hasn’t had sex in a long-time. He’s probably […]

Darwin Escorts – 3 Myths About Sex That Many Therapists Often View As Gospel Truth

What’s a  “therapist” and how helpful are they in solving the issues and concerns in your life?  A therapist is defined as “a special kind of doctor who works with a person/s if they have problems, or aren’t getting along”. Thus, if you and your partner are having problems in bed, then you call a […]

Darwin Escorts – The Best Things to Say to Your Woman In Bed

Aside from being visual, women are verbal creatures at heart. No wonder they find time to read erotica, get hooked on soaps and admire men with foreign accents. All of these make them feel the same way every time we spot a woman with huge tits. In sex, even the simplest of words can arouse […]

Darwin Escorts – Climate Change, And Its Negative Effects on Your Sex Life

If you think climate change and global warming are just causing sea levels to rise, or making storms more violent and deadly, wait till you hear what a new study says. According to a working paper released by the National Bureau of Economic Research, climate change is going to wreak havoc on your sex life […]

Darwin Escorts – The Simple Etiquette Guide

Many jobs have their own list of dos and don’ts; you might be surprised when reading some of them. The truth is, even escorts – like the gorgeous ladies at Darwin Escorts – have their own little ‘rules’, not to restrict their clients, but to make the experience better for both of you. Some of […]

Darwin Escorts – Sexting Tips To Prevent You From Sounding Like A Stalker

Thank God for smart phones. Not only could you easily surf the Worldwide Web and pay your bills, shop in the comfort of home, and do you research, but you could also easily get down and sleazy with practically everyone! And since we all want to have sex with any hot and sexy lady we […]

Darwin Escorts – Keep Her Wanting More with These 5 Sensual Moves

While it’s true that no two women are the same, there are some things that are guaranteed to boost her pleasure, and they’re usually pretty simple to do. The ladies over at Darwin Escorts share some tips that are guaranteed to please her every time. 1. Tease her with hot and cold. Maybe you already […]

4 Tips To Make Your Sexual Bond Last For Long

Want to keep your sexual relationship forever? Yes you can, if both you and your partner take efforts in improving your respective performances, whether in bed or otherwise! According to Darwin Escorts, there are 101 ways for a super red hot foreplay. Experts agree on one thing – heightened pleasure from foreplay is the one […]

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Startling & Sleazy Facts About The “Deep Throat” : Darwin Escorts

If you were an adult (or a teenager) in the early 1970s, perhaps you were fully aware of the buzz behind Linda Lovelace’s porn film titled “Deep Throat”. The film was the first ever X-rated flick to go mainstream, where it grossed $600 million, and enthralled (as well as infuriated) many. Since then, more men […]

Darwin Escorts Erotic Adventures: Kitchen Turns to Sex Den

I felt nervous as my apartment’s doorbell rang. I knew this was the damsel I’ve been waiting for. I open the door and to my surprise, she wasn’t just an ordinary lady. I was completely stunned seeing a bewitching angel standing at my door! Indeed, I never thought that a vixen from the Darwin Escorts […]

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Gorgeous Darwin Escorts TIPS: 3 WAYS to Please Women

Probably, there are lots of things buzzing in your head – career, job, business, etc. But what seems so confusing is why most men like you tend to be very secretive to this one desire they commonly have in their hearts – a desire to please women! (Sorry for the revelation.) Okay. I’m not here […]

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Darwin Escorts – Perfect Companions for Your Weekend Sexcapade

“I was at her back. Reaching for her hair, I grabbed her head to kiss her as my hardened cock entered her from behind. It was a brief, hard and staccato fucking which made us both moan and groan because it felt so good.” That was one unforgettable weekend encounter with one of the best […]

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Darwin Escorts – 3 Plays To Sizzle Up The Eroticism of Your Lewd Life

  One should not dare to surrender themselves to the monotony of their sex lives. Sex should be done with authentic excitement and soul-licking urges. It shouldn’t be treated as something that’s based on a routine. It is the engagement of the flesh with the efforts of appeasing its inner most desires! The expert courtesans […]

Darwin Escorts – Delivering Intense Pleasures You Thought Were Impossible

Great pleasures can be achieved by anyone who will really set their mind to it. There’s a saying that goes; everything is impossible until it eventually happens. With that, the life you’re living right now, at some point in your past, used to be impossible but here it is now, unveiling before you. And so, […]

A Hardcore Porn Star Experience with Anne F

Escorts regularly tour in Australia. Touring escorts head for another city or state and offering their services to men within the city that they are currently in. It is a way for escorts to earn extra and a chance to travel around Australia. Many international escorts have toured around the country from UK glamour models […]

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Saige Devine: Darwin’s Erotic High Class Escort

Looking for an elite escort in Darwin? Look no further, our galleries are filled with the best well-reviewed escorts and the freshest faces in Australia. Meet Saige Devine – one of our local Darwin escorts in the business. Saige is also available in other major cities such as Perth, Albany and Bunbury, visiting almost every […]

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Darwin Escorts: Why they ignore Private/Blocked Numbers

Darwin escorts are looking for gentlemen that can please them as much as they would for these lone fellows. For their clients, there is nothing more pleasurable than being with these girls. But satisfaction is not the only thing that you can get from escorts; you get companionship and passion at the same time. If […]

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A Night Out in the City with Darwin Escorts

Darwin is a place of fun and excitement. As the sun goes down, every turn that you make turns into a party haven. The place is full of life with bars, clubs and even night markets. It would be wonderful to have somebody to share the night with and that is where Darwin escorts come […]

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What you Need to Know about Darwin Escorts

For Darwin Escorts giving satisfaction to their clients is a pleasurable thing to do. If you feel like you need a companion around the city or perhaps on an event, you can give these girls a call and they will attend to you immediately. Setting up an appointment with these girls is easy even for […]

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How important is Communication for Escorts

Darwin escorts are professional courtesans or companions who can make your stay in the city a more pleasurable one. Gorgeous and full of warm personality, these women are the epitome of sophistication and elegance. They are innocent angels with a splice of devilish raunchiness that will leave you perplexed and wanting for more. Dealing with […]

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Maintaining Proper Hygiene with Darwin Escorts

When it comes to hygiene, Darwin escorts pay much attention to it to their clients. But hygiene is not only for the men, it also applies to the ladies. Being squeaky clean is really important in maintaining a health and wellness in both you and your escort. It also prevents certain infections that are caused […]

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Darwin Escorts: A Scientific Approach to Attraction

You can never resist the utter charm and personality of Darwin escorts. These are the ladies that are perfect for any occasions; you can either keep them for yourself or show them to your world on events. There is only one thing on their minds: to give you pleasure like you have never felt before. […]

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Time: A Precious Treasure for Darwin Escorts

If you have never heard about Darwin escorts before, then it is the perfect time to book one for a night of fun and excitement in the city. These are the ladies you have to have whenever you are in for a taste of heaven. Get the chance to date the girl of your erotic […]

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Darwin Escorts: Touring in Your Area

Darwin escorts will give you everything that you fantasise about in a woman: good looking, raunchy, oozing with sex appeal and personality. They are the girls you can hire if you are looking for a companion in a business event or in a beach. You can also book them for something more intimate. They are […]

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Understanding the Client/Escort Relationship

Darwin escorts are well sought after for their sophistication and elegance. These courtesans make it a point to please their man. Understanding the client/escort relationship is a great way to return that pleasure to your escort. This kind of transaction is a way to keep everything in business and executed as professionally as possible. Here […]

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Facts that You Need to Know about Escorts in Darwin

As society perceives, escort service is something that is almost similar to human trafficking, but this is untrue. It exists within the business world and there are many people that are into it, not only in Australia but on other European countries as well. There are some misapprehensions and facts that you ought to know […]

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Enjoy an Exciting Night with Darwin’s Private Escorts

Darwin is a great place to have fun. Situated within the northern territories of Australia, the region enjoys a tropical Savannah climate. With this kind of dry weather, you can enjoy exciting activities within the beach or take a walk around the beautiful parks within the city. It is a metropolis that is surrounded by […]

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