Darwin Escorts – Keep Her Wanting More with These 5 Sensual Moves
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Darwin Escorts – Keep Her Wanting More with These 5 Sensual Moves

Darwin EscortsWhile it’s true that no two women are the same, there are some things that are guaranteed to boost her pleasure, and they’re usually pretty simple to do. The ladies over at Darwin Escorts share some tips that are guaranteed to please her every time.

1. Tease her with hot and cold. Maybe you already know her nipples are more sensitive once they’re hard and perked up, and maybe you know you shouldn’t focus only on them when pleasing her tits. Besides using your hands to work on the area around her breasts – and the breasts themselves, you can blow warm air on these. Then slowly tantalise her with an ice cube run over the same spots. The play between hot and cold will be particularly arousing.

2. Take a stand. Use the wall in the room to your advantage by moving her against it and using your knee to spread her legs. She’ll likely see you as an aggressive yet somehow gentle kind of guy in bed, and it’s better for you if she’s the sort to get turned on by that. Even if she isn’t, pressing your thigh between her legs to stimulate her will get her hot in no time, too.

3. Bring out the whipped cream. You may want to make sure there’s an extra sheet first before you bring out this erotically tasty treat. Write words on each other’s body, or make other patterns, then take turns slowly licking it all off. This makes a lovely segue into oral sex.

4. Give her a massage down there. The nerve endings in her clit extend to either side of her vagina, so use a circular motion to rub that area will send her swooning and wanting more. Just don’t overdo it so she doesn’t go numb from over-stimulation.

5. Blindfold her. A scarf, your tie, or a sleep mask – these all make good blindfolds. Plant kisses, caress and stroke her all over, going from light and sensual to heavy and passionate.

Keep her guessing and build anticipation, and she’ll be wanting you inside before long. You don’t have to take our word for it; experience these tantalising sensual delights yourself by browsing the gallery at Darwin Escorts and finding your perfect match, today!

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