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Darwin Escorts – The Things That Guys Should Avoid Doing When Getting a Blowjob

Men like getting their manhood kissed, teased, sucked and licked. That’s why they love women who have already mastered the art of giving a blowjob! And like giving a blowjob, there’s also an art to receiving blowjobs, without making your woman furious. Here’s quick peek at a few of the things that guys should avoid […]

Darwin Escorts – 3 of the Hottest Sex Positions for Ladies

Believe it or not but not all sex positions were invented with a woman, or a vagina-having person in mind. However, the good thing is that there are a number of sex positions which effectively stimulate every, and all parts, of the vulva, from clitoris-rubbing positions to deep penetration that puts pressure on the G-spot. […]

Darwin Escorts – 3 of the Easiest Sex Positions for Beginners

Are you a “beginner” in bed? Well, don’t be ashamed if you are a neophyte when it comes to sex, because what’s good is that there are a lot of great sex positions for beginners. However, just because a sex position is considered easy  doesn’t mean that it is not pleasurable as well! Here’s a […]

Darwin Escorts – 4 Secrets Blokes with Small Cocks Can Use for Better Sex

When it comes to sex, blokes worry about several things – including cock size. For some reason, the prevailing belief is that a smaller penis means the sex won’t be that great. But that’s a misconception, several people, including some of the sexy vixens at Darwin Escorts, put forth. The truth is, men with bigger […]

How Does Pelvic Fracture Contribute To Sexual Dysfunction?

Have you experienced a bad fall or been in a vehicular accident in the past? You might have incurred fracture in the pelvis but are just keeping the pain to yourself? Experts say that men who have encountered such unfortunate incidents should see their doctors because the experience might start sexual difficulties. How can you […]

Darwin Escorts – Top 3 Insecurities Of Most Women In Sex

In life, you can’t do away with insecurities involving careers, finances, jobs, relationships and so on. Even your own bedroom can become a source of anxiety. Sexual hang-ups are real despite the fact that sex is one of the most effective stress busters. To a lot of women, stress is a major source of insecurity. […]

Why Women Of All Ages Should Use Lubes

Was there ever a time when you refused to have sex with your boyfriend because you were tired or perhaps, feeling some kind of pain below the belt? Whatever the reason, there will always be moments when you feel dry down below and intercourse might be the last thing on your mind. This is where […]

Darwin Escorts – 4 More Types of Sex, From the Best to the Worst

According to one popular saying, “Thinking sex is all the same like sitting down and ordering beer”.  Well, yes that could be true, because sex is indeed a smorgasbord, or a buffet, of variety, and it draws upon all matters of circumstance, levels of passion, times of day, tiers of sobriety, and intensity of relationships. […]

Darwin Escorts – Clear Signs You’re in a Happy Relationship

Let’s face it – people need love to feel better and live happier lives. Most of the time, you’re fine with the love you get from friends and family. But what about a lover? A good relationship, sadly, can’t be found or even bought, like you would pay for an enjoyable night out with one […]

3 Common Reasons a Relationship Gets Derailed

Have you ever wondered why stories of couples who were each other’s first love and never stopped loving each other are so popular, and why people aspire to be like such couples? Such stories are rare – perhaps rarer than truly well-trained and experienced Darwin escorts. Unfortunately, it’s practically a given that relationships will often […]

Darwin Escorts – Guidelines for Planning a Memorable Date

Just so everyone’s on the same page, remember that the perfect date doesn’t exist. People have their own ideas of how their perfect date would go. The actual thing may come close, but will rarely match the person’s vision exactly. For example, a date with one of the gorgeous babes at Darwin Escorts would certainly […]

Darwin Escorts – 4 More Summer Sex Fantasies That Are on Every Man’s Bucket List

If you think that sex fantasies are not seasonal, well you are dead wrong – because they are! And when it comes to having sex in seasons like the summer, there’s just something about the hotter temperatures and sweltering weather, and the concept of everyone’s thighs chafing!  Here’s another peek at a few more summer […]

Darwin Escorts – 3 Truly Drool-Worthy Sex Positions

While science does not support the widely-held belief or misconception that the G-spot is some form of magical erotic push button, the truth is that a lot of women, and men too, have discovered that they really like getting rubbed an inch or so on the top wall of their vagina! So, how do you […]

Darwin Escorts – Two Tell-tale Signs That You May Need a Break From Sex

Sex – Who needs a break from it? Perhaps if you tell the guys that they need a break from sex sometimes, many of them will either laugh at you, or give you the dirty finger sign! However, health experts say that if you feel your body telling you it needs a break from work, […]

Darwin Escorts – Millennials Have a Serious Dilemma When Picking Between Sex and Food, New Study Says

If you were made to choose between sex and food, which item would you choose first? Well, I guess most of the men would choose sex, while majority of the ladies would pick food first! However, a recent study notes that a lot of people today (Mostly millennials) are divided on just that topic, because […]

Darwin Escorts – 3 “Good” Reasons to Hold Off on Having Sex That Got Nothing to Do With Tradition

What guy or girl would ever go on a self-imposed “sex drought’ when we all know how fun, exciting and uplifting sex could be! Believe it or not but, there are actually a million reasons why a person chooses not to have sex, which have absolutely nothing to do with upholding the tradition of abstaining […]

Darwin Escorts –Two More Gym Moves That Are Beneficial to Your Sex Life

If you think that hitting the gym is only good for burning excess calories, and for sculpting your muscles and abs, think again. Don’t you know that hitting the gym regularly could also do wonders for your sex life? Yes, not only does working out keep you young and feel generally wonderful, but it also […]

Darwin Escorts – 3 More Yoga Poses That Are Guaranteed to Electrify Your Sex Life

Yoga is a group of physical, mental and spiritual practices or disciplines that originated in ancient India. And although there is a wide variety of yoga schools, practices and goals, what linger sin the minds of most people is that the various yoga poses and techniques help increase hip flexibility, strengthen pelvic floor muscles, enhance […]

Darwin Escorts – More Jaw-dropping Facts About Jelqing

Of the many topics about the penis, perhaps one of the most intriguing, or the most mystifying, is one called “Jelqing”. Why? Because this practice promises that you will “add” inches to your penis through a very specific technique that is not doctor-approved, and for many men definitely not safe, especially if you are not […]

Darwin Escorts – Frequent Sexual Activity is Linked with Improved Memory, New Study Reveals

I guess most of us know the many health and wellness perks of sex. Yes, sex can help with all sorts of things, from improving sleep to enhancing your mood. But what if I told you that getting it on can also help you remember stuff quickly? Read on to find out more why frequent […]

Darwin Escorts – Three Clear Signs She Wants to Get Down and Dirty with You

You’ve been with several women before, so you think it’s easy to see whether or not a girl wants you in bed. The truth is, you could be getting ahead of yourself; it actually isn’t as easy as you think it is. There are women, like the buxom courtesans at Darwin Escorts, who are very […]

Darwin Escorts – 5 More Films That Are Fully About Sex, and Nothing Else

When talking about sex scenes and nudity in modern cinema, there are films that feature “unsimulated” sex scenes, and there are movies that have an abundance of male and female nudity. However, there’s another special category of film, and it’s about movies about doing it! Here’s a look at a couple more movies that are […]

Darwin Escorts – 4 Things That Matter More to Women Than Penis Size

There are a lot of things that the women don’t understand about men. For starters, men often fuss and care so much about how big, small or medium their penis is, when the truth is that the ladies don’t give that much of a f_ck about it! Here’s a look at a couple of things […]

Darwin Escorts – Two G-Spot Sex Positions That Are Right on Target

Most guys think they really know where the “G-spot” is, but the truth is that they really don’t have an idea where it’s exactly located! Poor G-spot, it’s just hanging out trying to do its thing, to help the ladies have awesome orgasms, and yet every once in a while people end up disputing its […]

Darwin Escorts – You Should Make 45 Minutes of Sex Your Goal, Experts Assert

What’s the usual time frame for having sex? Well, for most dudes out there, sex begins when they stick it in, and once they come, they roll over to selfishly enjoy the bliss that is a post-orgasm slumber! But according to a 2005 study that surveyed 500 heterosexual couples, they found out that the average […]

Darwin Escorts – Two More Illnesses That are Triggered by Sex

Are you feeling a little bit blue? Or is your head killing you, especially after you just had sex? I guess you could not imagine having to turn down your partner’s erotic advances, just because having sex with her could actually make you sick! Yes, according to health experts, sometimes sex can trigger piercing headaches, […]

Darwin Escorts – 3 Oral Sex Errors That Most Guys Are Guilty of Committing

It’s no secret that all guys enjoy going down on their ladies, as it’s a fun thing to do (Although it’s not an easy feat). However, the truth is that many women today say that their guys are falling way short when it comes to performing oral sex. Here’s a sneak peek at a few […]

Darwin Escorts – 4 Different Types of Attraction You’ll Experience in a Lifetime

If you’re one of those who believes there’s only one type of attraction, you might be surprised to find that’s not the case. For instance, the attraction you feel towards the gorgeous ladies at Darwin Escorts is different from the attraction you may feel for a close friend. It may feel weird when you find […]

Darwin Escorts – 3 Ways Evolution Designed Our Body to be Adept at Having Sex

If you think that you literally suck at sex, please stop sulking and blaming yourself, because the truth is that evolution has designed our body to be adept at having sex, even with or without our knowledge! And thanks to science, we are slowly figuring out why our bodies were not designed by a dysfunctional […]

Darwin Escorts – Sex Positions That You Can Do Anywhere But the Bed

I don’t blame those who think that adventurous sex is a little overrated, because perhaps they feel that it’s too much to put in all this effort for a questionable outcome. However, there are still a lot of real good reasons to get outside your sex comfort zone (Read: the bedroom) every once in a […]

Darwin Escorts – 4 Of the Craziest Sex Stats for 2018

Looking for the latest, and the craziest sex stats and facts for 2018? Look no further, as SKYN Condoms and AMP Agency, a digital marketing and advertising agency, recently conducted the “Mother of all Sex Surveys”, which analysed the responses of 5,117 men and women aged 18 to 34 from across all 51 states in […]

Darwin Escorts – 4 Bedroom Moves That Most Women Beg Their Guys to Do

If you’re the type of guy who likes doing things fast in bed, like you’re the “wham-bam-thank you” type of dude, remember this: Sex can be bad, and possibly dangerous, if you and your partner haven’t warmed up properly! That’s why you need to engage in more foreplay with your lady, if only to make […]

Darwin Escorts – The Sex Positions That Make Both Men & Women Feel Most Anxious

We all know how amazing and exciting sex feels. However, the truth is that we all got our limits; Thus, there are stuff that we’re more than willing to do, and not willing to do, in bed! A newly-released survey also shows which sex positions most people are comfortable with, and which ones they aren’t. […]

Darwin Escorts – The Beginner’s Guide to Consensual, Casual Sex

Who’s to blame for today’s loosening sexual morals? I guess you could blame the hippies in the 60’s, because after the sexual revolution of the 1960’s, which came about due to changing social attitudes and technological advances like the invention of the oral contraceptive pill, attitudes towards premarital sex became looser. And you could probably […]

Darwin Escorts – The Various Types of Orgasms

Regardless of whether you call it “cum”, “come”, “climax” or “bust”, an orgasm is still an orgasm. And as you may already know, orgasms or climaxes also come in various forms and intensities, with some so much easier to achieve than others. Here’s a brief yet exciting and informative look at the various types of […]

Darwin Escorts – The Best, and the Least Risky, Shower Sex Positions

A lot has already been said with regard to sex positions like shower sex. While others love it because they see their favourite movie or TV stars do it onscreen, the naysayers say that shower sex is just so overrated, and so unsafe too. However, supporters of shower sex say that there are a couple […]

Darwin Escorts – Helpful Hints on How to Pull Off the Erotic Accordion Sex Position

If you feel like your nights in bed are as dull, lifeless and rote as ever, perhaps all you and your partner need are a couple of challenging, yet innovative, sex positions to try out! Here’s one suggested sex position that should ring some lovely (and erotic) musical notes in your head, as it’s called […]

Darwin Escorts – 6 Things That Ladies Do Right Before Sex But Never Admit To

How nice it would be if spontaneous sex happened in real life like the way it did in the movies? While most of us would love to start ripping our clothes off in a moment of passion and get right into it without too much stress, the truth is that many of us have a […]

Darwin Escorts – The Grim Side Of Masturbation

Why do women and men masturbate? For pleasure of course, and you can indulge in a variety of ways to stimulate your own body to create euphoria. Some use it as foreplay, delighting in arousing each other’s bodies while others simply want the happiness all to their own. Further, there are also those who make […]

Darwin Escorts – Top Tips for Better First-Date Conversation

If you’ve been on dates before, you know that conversation is one of those factors that can make or break a date. After all, who wants to spend an hour with a boring conversationalist? The gorgeous babes at Darwin Escorts have mastered the art of conversation, so you’ll have no problems when you’re with one […]

Darwin Escorts – 4 Things About Sex That Guys Get Way Too Hyped About

Whether you like the idea or not, a lot of men today who are not solely focused on their orgasm think that they are a “feminist gift to all women”, and low-key these guys believe that they all deserve a pat on the back for every good sex deed they perform! Here’s a look at […]

Darwin Escorts – The First-Timer’s Guide to Anal Sex

Even with today’s more relaxed outlook on sex, as a whole, anal sex is somehow still taboo for many. Perhaps it’s sinful and forbidden nature is what tempts many young, inexperienced couples to try it, resulting in the girl accidentally getting hurt and thereby swearing off anal sex forever. The lovely babes at Darwin Escorts […]

Darwin Escorts – 3 Things That Guys Can Learn From Lesbians About the Female Orgasm

If you ask ten guys what do they really know about the female orgasm, perhaps 7 out of ten will literally know nothing about it, except say that the girl’s just “cumming”! Well, these dumb guys could perhaps learn a thing or two from our lovely lesbian friends, because according to a recent study from […]

Darwin Escorts – Reddit Survey Reveals What Women Hate Most About Guys in Bed

For centuries (or ever since the world began) men and women have always had trouble seeing eye to eye on various issues, ranging from the mundane to the extra-complex. Thus, in the interest of seriously bridging the gap between the two sexes, popular US social news aggregation, web content rating and discussion website Reddit asked […]

Darwin Escorts – Fast, Frisky Facts on What’s It Like to be “Demisexual”

If you think that everyone is into casual sex hookups today, think again. In fact, there are a number of people who prefer having an emotional connection with someone before a physical one, and these people identify themselves as “demisexual”! The guys and girls who identify as demisexual further explain that they need to feel […]

Darwin Escorts – The Secret to Impressing Women

It can’t be helped that you’d have an idea about what women want – or you think you do. Whatever preconceived notions you may have had, they’re likely not up to date. Times are changing after all, caution the sexy courtesans at Darwin Escorts. Women these days are looking at more than the superficial things. […]

Darwin Escorts – There’s Some Art In BDSM

Are you and your partner into BDSM? After ’50 Shades of Grey’ you may not be aware but plenty of couples out there have come out in the open saying that they have been into the practise long before such controversial movie was shown. And alas – not just a few dominant males have voiced […]

Darwin Escorts – If You’re Trying to Get the Girl, Don’t Do Any of These

Men and women see things differently, so it’s no surprise that what may be romantic for you may actually be creepy for her. The lovely vixens at Darwin Escorts are trained to disregard such behaviour in favour of building the girlfriend experience properly. But what about those times you’re not with one of them? There’s […]

Darwin Escorts – Never A Dull Moment

They agreed to drive up to his place, and while cruising down the road, his stunning date from one of those yummy Darwin Escorts, started to slide her hand up and down his thigh. It was as if she couldn’t wait to get to his apartment and be fucked. They almost rammed into the next […]

Darwin Escorts – Top Benefits of Hiring an Escort

It’s true that there are quite a number of men turning to escort services, for any number of reasons – from being too busy to commit to a relationship, to wanting to experience being with a different partner. If you’re one of these, there’s no need to worry. Engaging any of the gorgeous vixens at […]

Top 3 Signs It’s Time to Break Up with Your Girlfriend

When you’ve been single for a while, and then you suddenly find yourself in a relationship with someone, it feels like the best thing in the world. You’re no longer so alone, you have someone to do fun stuff with. Maybe you’d even experiment in the bedroom the way you would with one of the […]

Darwin Escorts – The Hottest & Sleaziest Halloween Outfits For Ladies

It’s Halloween again, and it’s time for those scary sexy costume parties again! If you’re planning a rather private, and intimate costume party of sorts with your hookup partner or favourite escort girl, here are a couple of hot and sleazy outfits that you can ask her to wear, so that you’ll remember this Halloween […]

Darwin Escorts – A Sleazebag’s Guide To The Best Jobs That Can Get You Laid

Fresh outta high school or college, and looking for a job? Well, if your job search goes more than just getting the right pay, but in terms of giving you the best opportunity to find pretty girls, and get laid, here’s a quick guide to the best jobs that can give you the most chances […]

Darwin Escorts – To Have Sex or Avoid it On the First Date?

When you have a date with a gorgeous lady to look forward to, you sometimes can’t help but think of taking things a little further. With the women featured in the pages of Darwin Escorts don’t mind sex on the first date, your other companions might. After all, why deny the urge if you’re that […]

Darwin Escorts – Ignite Your Lust with Kinky Games

No matter how long you’ve been with someone, a sex game or two can make things sizzle, and maybe you’ll see each other in a new light. The gorgeous vixens at Darwin Escorts have undoubtedly played their share of sex games. If you want to make your sex life a bit more light-hearted or put […]

Darwin Escorts – Pleasure on All Levels

There’s no denying that a number of men have been steadily turning to escort services, if they’re available – and for a number of reasons. Maybe they’re too busy to commit to a relationship, they want something other than what their partners can provide, and so on. The sexy ladies at Darwin Escorts know this, […]

Darwin Escorts Stories: The 1,000th Man

He was as I expected, a normal white-collared man. Aren’t they all? By now, I should have known. He was nothing special, both on looks and the physique department. He was charming, I’ll give him that, but a bit too reserved too. He looked like someone who hasn’t had sex in a long-time. He’s probably […]

Darwin Escorts – The Best Things to Say to Your Woman In Bed

Aside from being visual, women are verbal creatures at heart. No wonder they find time to read erotica, get hooked on soaps and admire men with foreign accents. All of these make them feel the same way every time we spot a woman with huge tits. In sex, even the simplest of words can arouse […]

Darwin Escorts – Climate Change, And Its Negative Effects on Your Sex Life

If you think climate change and global warming are just causing sea levels to rise, or making storms more violent and deadly, wait till you hear what a new study says. According to a working paper released by the National Bureau of Economic Research, climate change is going to wreak havoc on your sex life […]

Darwin Escorts – The Simple Etiquette Guide

Many jobs have their own list of dos and don’ts; you might be surprised when reading some of them. The truth is, even escorts – like the gorgeous ladies at Darwin Escorts – have their own little ‘rules’, not to restrict their clients, but to make the experience better for both of you. Some of […]

Darwin Escorts – Sexting Tips To Prevent You From Sounding Like A Stalker

Thank God for smart phones. Not only could you easily surf the Worldwide Web and pay your bills, shop in the comfort of home, and do you research, but you could also easily get down and sleazy with practically everyone! And since we all want to have sex with any hot and sexy lady we […]

Reasons to Look Forward to Vacation Sex

You’ve heard them say that vacation sex is the best kind of sex, whether you’re with a devoted partner or you’re with one of the Darwin escorts you found online. Besides you and your companion being more relaxed, since you’re away from the daily grind, what makes it hotter than the usual? Different location. Sometimes, […]

Darwin Escorts – The Do’s And Dont’s To Remember About Vacation Sex

Vacations are the perfect occasions to go places, see the sights, taste exotic cuisines, and have great sex. Whether you’re on a Caribbean cruise, on a trip to Paris, or a Safari in Kenya, there’ll always be a time when you and your partner will be all alone by your twosome. You could be in […]

A Low-down On The Safety And Efficacy Of Sex-Enhancement Drugs

For guys aged 45 and above, perhaps the next most worrisome medical condition after hypertension and cancer would be – erectile dysfunction. Good thing there are lots of sex-enhancement drugs sold  today, some of which have been proven effective, while others are not. Problem is, even teens and young adults are using them, for recreational […]

Darwin Escorts and BDSM – 3 Exciting Toys To Play Around With

Today, couples have at least begun to explore BDSM and find ways to add a few elements of it to their love routine. If you want to play with this kind of kink but aren’t sure how to go about it, the ladies showcased in the pages of Darwin Escorts will be more than happy […]

Darwin Escorts – 3 Plays To Sizzle Up The Eroticism of Your Lewd Life

  One should not dare to surrender themselves to the monotony of their sex lives. Sex should be done with authentic excitement and soul-licking urges. It shouldn’t be treated as something that’s based on a routine. It is the engagement of the flesh with the efforts of appeasing its inner most desires! The expert courtesans […]

Experience the Profession of Dedication with Darwin Escorts

With great power comes great responsibility. As you are placed into that pedestal, most of the time you divulge yourself in more serious activities and forgetting how it is to have fun. When you feel yourself slip away, take the opportunity to whisk yourself away to a less stressful escape. Bear in mind that life […]

Darwin Escorts – The Kinky Deeds to Supply Your Horny Needs

Passion has always been the main subject when it comes to sexual encounters. Of course, it is the main action to achieve a certain type of fulfilment – a form of soul grinding. Be that as it may, it doesn’t have to be taken seriously all the time. Nobody said a little laughing and giggling […]

Hot Darwin Escorts in Agencies

For those who planned about spending a zesty holiday in Darwin, Australia, it could be awesome to relish your stay accompanied by someone. The admirable Australian gals can be the best suited beautiful companions for lonesome gents. At their presence, men are fortunate to be guided by them while also traveling around the city and […]

Finding Darwin Escorts in Adult Directories Online

  If you’re going to stay within the vibrant City of Lights, wander within the metropolitan area, you might like to simply need to consider on having somebody accompany you during your stay. The exquisite Australian gals can be the best suited beautiful companions for lonely gents. At their presence, guys are lucky enough to […]

Darwin Escorts – Companions for Fun and Pleasure

Routinely daily dues normally make people want a vacation. Pick Darwin as your breather vacation location. Venture into the unfamiliar and book a Darwin escort. Do everything to emancipate yourself for your personal experience only. One way to enjoy the city is to look for escorts in the adult entertainment industry. There are quite a […]

Darwin Escorts – Tell Tale Signs she’s faking it

It is a daunting fact that only 25% of women genuinely orgasm during sex. So what does the remaining percentage do when having sex? Chances are, they’re faking it just to make you feel good or for some other reasons. Not all Darwin escorts fake their orgasms however there are and will be instances where […]

Darwin’s Best Escorts For your Pleasure and Satisfaction

There is no wondering that Darwin is a must see for many visitors out there. This is a metro full of fun and excitement. One thing that vacationers love in the city is that is amazingly close to the seaside if ever you want to get a tan under the sun. The city experiences fair […]

Be in the Passionate Company of the Local Darwin High Class Escorts

Men are typically savage species but when confronted with women, they are simply helpless to their infinite charms. Men have varied preferences when it comes to how they usually get turned on. It usually goes beyond physical attraction and yet men still fantasize about women more often. There are varied factors to consider that makes […]

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Methods for Searching a High Class Darwin Escort

Catering to the elite gentlemen, high class escorts in Darwin are coveted for their first class personal services, stunning good looks and genuine affections for their clients. Though the adult entertainment industry has many escorts, only a few number of escorts do offer first class services. If you are looking for these elusive escorts, here are […]

The Difference between High Class Escorts and “Street Walkers”

If you are looking for a good red light district in the Northern Territories, Darwin would be a good city to stay in. Whether you are alone or with your bachelor friends, you can definitely enjoy the goodness of booze and the babes within this charming city. There are a wide array of brothels and […]

Ivy de Lush – Darwin’s Hot and Horny Visitor from Sydney

Darwin may be small but its adult entertainment is one of the best there is in the Northern Territory. You can find a lot of strip clubs and VIP rooms catering to many gentlemen who just want to have fun with their acquaintances, the booze and the babes in the red light district. For gentlemen […]

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Brandy Ashton – Sensually Pleasing and Teasing Bachelors in Darwin

This November, Darwin is filled with high class touring escorts; one of the best girls in the gallery you can book is Brandy Ashton. Brandy is a Perth local escort but she had made herself available in Darwin through tours from the 21st to the 24th of November. Brandy is also touring several major Australian […]

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De-stressing Vacation with the Darwin Asian Escorts

These days, taking a vacation is badly needed especially for busy people. Moreover, it will be a very good luxury for a person to enjoy much of his vacation. A hardworking man really needs a time for himself; spend a grandiose getaway somewhere, enjoy sightseeing of many majestic views and much more if he is […]

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Client Confessions – My First Encounter with a Darwin Escort

Craving for a female companion whether for social events or just for intimate reasons is normal for men. This is the reason why many bachelors love to spend their moments with Darwin escorts. You get quality service, passion and affections from these hot supermodels. Sometimes, you just have to give in to temptation to make […]

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Ivy Cavalli – Darwin’s Newest Touring Escort for October

There are many ways you could enjoy your stay in Darwin. You could enjoy the usual sun and sand of the Australian coast or you could be more intimate with the hottest ladies in town. Find only the hottest Australian girls in our gallery and meet the best escort girls. One of our touring escorts […]

Gloria Van Vaulker’s Professional Escort Services in Darwin

It has been weeks now since I had last been with a woman but I was determined to break my dry spell with Darwin escorts on my upcoming business trip. I had the chance to meet Tory online and we exchanged a few emails and text messages until I met her just last week. Tory […]

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Bella Marie’s Intimate Services now Available in Darwin

It has been a year now since I last saw “Analise” in Darwin and alas! I finally had the opportunity to spend time with her. She was and had always been my favorite elite escort in Darwin and whenever I knew she’s planning to come here, I always make sure to see her every now […]

Anastasia Bellx: Darwin’s New Touring Escort

  Looking for escorts online, I stumbled on “Penelope” on an adult forum. It was a spontaneous urge that I had, being single and all. I arranged an hour booking in Darwin at my apartment and it was the best decision I made for my sex life. She was a stunning young woman with golden […]

The Hot Porn Star Cindy Wet now Touring Australia

I have always wanted to sleep with a porn star, just to experience what it really feels like. I have jerked off to many of these adult movies but I have always wondered how intense these girls in person are. To quench my curiosity, I booked a porn star escort in Darwin and it was […]

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Sophie Knight – Taking you to a New World of Pleasure

There are many touring escorts in Darwin but none may surpass the beauty of this hot and horny escort from Sydney – Sophie Knight. Sophie will be visiting Darwin from the 15th to the 17th of July. If you can’t catch her on these dates, you may be able to see her in other Australian […]

Violet Dew: The Sexy Amazonian Girl with a Wild, Erotic Side

When it comes to choosing the right escort, we sometimes take a look at the physical before anything else. This is the reason why many people think that escorts need to be 10/10 in looks to be successful in the business. Though beauty may take you a long way in the industry, good looks are […]

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A Hardcore Porn Star Experience with Anne F

Escorts regularly tour in Australia. Touring escorts head for another city or state and offering their services to men within the city that they are currently in. It is a way for escorts to earn extra and a chance to travel around Australia. Many international escorts have toured around the country from UK glamour models […]

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Saige Devine: Darwin’s Erotic High Class Escort

Looking for an elite escort in Darwin? Look no further, our galleries are filled with the best well-reviewed escorts and the freshest faces in Australia. Meet Saige Devine – one of our local Darwin escorts in the business. Saige is also available in other major cities such as Perth, Albany and Bunbury, visiting almost every […]

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Madison Mae: The Key to Pure Sexuality

If you are sexually in touch, why not level up the experience with Madison Mae – our Sydney based private escort? Madison is touring Darwin for the first week of April and you don’t want to miss it. If you are the type to experiment on things sex-related, you can count on Madison to make […]

Darwin Escorts with Naughty Little Sex Toys

One of the things that make sex more exciting are sex toys. Sex toys may seem a bit scary for first timers but it is a great way to explore your sexuality especially with Darwin escorts. Since the sex industry is enjoying the benefits of a liberal country such as Australia, sex toys are legal […]

Gloria Van Vaulkner: A GFE with a streak of Raunchiness

High class escorts are always sought after not only for their looks but for their authentic services as well. If you are looking for private escorts in Darwin, then prepare to meet Gloria Van Vaulkner – a private escort from Melbourne but is currently touring many Australian cities such as Darwin. Gloria is a high […]

Amy: the Blonde and Blue eyed Classic Beauty

If you are looking for an all Australian treat, then you are in the right page. Meet Amy – our very own private escort from Sydney. She is currently touring around many Australian cities and states to find the right man. Amy would love to share her secrets here in Darwin, not only for a […]

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Penny Mane: Do you have what it takes to handle a Redhead?

Can you handle a redhead with a voluptuous body and a huge appetite for sex? If you are, get ready to indulge your senses with Penny Mane – a private escort who tours around Australia, looking for a man that can match her sexual prowess. Penny is a professional English escort with a good reputation […]

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Indulge in a Night of Sexuality with Angelina

Sexy, sophisticated and beautiful; these are the qualities that a true high class escort possesses. Meet Angelina – an Australian escort from Brisbane coming with naughty intentions and spreading her love in Darwin. She is also touring several Australian cities such as Sydney, Adelaide and Perth. Angelina is a great companion during your private times […]


Chloe May: Your Spanish Lingerie Model in Darwin

Indulge yourself with a beautiful Spanish lady in Darwin. Let us introduce you to Chloe May – a touring private escort that gives service to her clients from cities all over Australia. She is currently touring different cities such as Perth, Melbourne, Adelaide, Canberra, Sydney and she is now in Darwin to give service to […]

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Ava Williams: Your Naughty Little Secret in Darwin

Have you ever fantasized about making love to a beautiful lingerie model? You can make those dreams a reality with Ava Williams – a magnificent Sydney escort who is regularly touring Darwin to give way to her local clients. Ava is your little yet naughty secret, offering private and discreet transactions with professionalism and excellent […]

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5 Role Play Scenarios You can Do with Darwin Escorts

Role playing is one of the fortes of many Darwin escorts. Unlike many sex games, role playing can be easy and exciting depending on what scenarios that you choose. You can dress up or dress down and be as imaginative as you can be. Though it might feel uncomfortable at first but after consecutive sessions, […]

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Experience True Passion with the Gorgeous Erika Carne

Whether you are looking for a gorgeous girl for your huge business events or for a lovely dinner date to treat yourself, the lovely Erika Carne can charm you with her hazel eyes and long blonde hair. This passionate lady loves to travel and experience the high life with their clients. You can tell from her […]

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Darwin Escorts: Why they ignore Private/Blocked Numbers

Darwin escorts are looking for gentlemen that can please them as much as they would for these lone fellows. For their clients, there is nothing more pleasurable than being with these girls. But satisfaction is not the only thing that you can get from escorts; you get companionship and passion at the same time. If […]

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A Night Out in the City with Darwin Escorts

Darwin is a place of fun and excitement. As the sun goes down, every turn that you make turns into a party haven. The place is full of life with bars, clubs and even night markets. It would be wonderful to have somebody to share the night with and that is where Darwin escorts come […]

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How to Become a High Class Darwin Escort

It’s only natural to think that Darwin escorts are the kind of girls that earn a lot, considering the number of clients and even the fees and rates that they impose for their services. These girls are indeed earning well but before achieving such rates, they need to work hard for it as much as […]

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Darwin Escorts: Knowing your Preferences

There is something about Darwin escorts that just makes them special not only with their looks but with their personality. They are women that have developed that sense of spontaneity that clients are just crazy about. Though they plan everything ahead, they actually make it a point to naturally go with the flow. As what […]

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The Naked Truth about Darwin Escorts

Darwin escorts are considered to be the modern example of courtesans. They are well educated and sophisticated, not just any ordinary ornament for rich and famous men. These beautiful companions are all about building a wonderful connection with their partners.   They certainly have what it takes to provide sensual pleasures men only dream about. […]


What you Need to Know about Darwin Escorts

For Darwin Escorts giving satisfaction to their clients is a pleasurable thing to do. If you feel like you need a companion around the city or perhaps on an event, you can give these girls a call and they will attend to you immediately. Setting up an appointment with these girls is easy even for […]

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How important is Communication for Escorts

Darwin escorts are professional courtesans or companions who can make your stay in the city a more pleasurable one. Gorgeous and full of warm personality, these women are the epitome of sophistication and elegance. They are innocent angels with a splice of devilish raunchiness that will leave you perplexed and wanting for more. Dealing with […]

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Maintaining Proper Hygiene with Darwin Escorts

When it comes to hygiene, Darwin escorts pay much attention to it to their clients. But hygiene is not only for the men, it also applies to the ladies. Being squeaky clean is really important in maintaining a health and wellness in both you and your escort. It also prevents certain infections that are caused […]

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Darwin Escorts: A Scientific Approach to Attraction

You can never resist the utter charm and personality of Darwin escorts. These are the ladies that are perfect for any occasions; you can either keep them for yourself or show them to your world on events. There is only one thing on their minds: to give you pleasure like you have never felt before. […]

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Time: A Precious Treasure for Darwin Escorts

If you have never heard about Darwin escorts before, then it is the perfect time to book one for a night of fun and excitement in the city. These are the ladies you have to have whenever you are in for a taste of heaven. Get the chance to date the girl of your erotic […]

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Darwin Escorts: Touring in Your Area

Darwin escorts will give you everything that you fantasise about in a woman: good looking, raunchy, oozing with sex appeal and personality. They are the girls you can hire if you are looking for a companion in a business event or in a beach. You can also book them for something more intimate. They are […]

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Understanding the Client/Escort Relationship

Darwin escorts are well sought after for their sophistication and elegance. These courtesans make it a point to please their man. Understanding the client/escort relationship is a great way to return that pleasure to your escort. This kind of transaction is a way to keep everything in business and executed as professionally as possible. Here […]

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The Business Side of Escorting Services in Darwin

Darwin escorts are your personal foxy vixens around the city. If you are here for a vacation or a business function, these ladies are the ones you can count on when it comes to pleasure. Locals are also welcome to indulge in this wonderful treat. These courtesans understand a man’s need for a woman and […]

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Dealing with Money and Escorts

Darwin escorts are your personal sex kittens that would surely make your stay in the city a more exciting one. What we need to understand is that every booking that you make is a business transaction. You need to be professional and oblige to the escort/client dynamics in order to have a good relationship with […]

The Role of Respect for Darwin Escorts

Respect is a virtue that needs to be seen by all escort clients. It is the basis for creating a good client-escort relationship. If you are reading this article, you are on your way to become a good client to these wonderful courtesans. Let us know how respect plays a major role within this dynamic […]

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Facts that You Need to Know about Escorts in Darwin

As society perceives, escort service is something that is almost similar to human trafficking, but this is untrue. It exists within the business world and there are many people that are into it, not only in Australia but on other European countries as well. There are some misapprehensions and facts that you ought to know […]

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Darwin Escorts – What it Takes to Be a Good Client

Welcome to This is the perfect place to find the most beautiful working girls around the city. Take your time in visiting the website and see the ideal girls for dates, events or your own personal sex kitten. These ladies are like chameleons. They can adapt to whatever you want them to be, a […]

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Darwin Escorts – Personalities that Will Exceed Your Expectations

Darwin is a great city for people who love the sea. It is the state capital of the Australia’s Northern Territories and also the least populated among the capital cities down south. The whole city is surrounded with awesome beaches particularly the Timor Sea. Like many other capitals, it also plays a crucial role for […]

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Enjoy an Exciting Night with Darwin’s Private Escorts

Darwin is a great place to have fun. Situated within the northern territories of Australia, the region enjoys a tropical Savannah climate. With this kind of dry weather, you can enjoy exciting activities within the beach or take a walk around the beautiful parks within the city. It is a metropolis that is surrounded by […]

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